Extinction End book review

Extinction End is the fifth and final title in the Extinction Cycle series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith.

You’ve seen my take on the first four books in the series, as Sansbury doled out a tale of scientific horror stemming from the military’s desire to get the upper hand on our enemy by trying to create a super soldier or unbeatable opponent. But that plan went horribly awry as their experiment went south and so to, did the project.

But alas, as with any good project with potential, but anxious and stupid mistakes being made, this viral additive they created many years ago ends up infecting a staff member who breaks quarantine procedures and leaves the lab. Because he was in haste and didn’t think anything of breaking protocol.

Hence, the beginning of the end of humanity as we know it.

Through the first four books we followed our primary heroes, Dr. Kate Lovato and Delta Force Team Ghost leader Master Sargent Reed Beckham, as they struggle with the battle against the infected people of the world, becoming these other-worldly mutations. Kate does her battles from the confines of the lab, her weapon of choice: the microscope. Reed takes his battle to the front line where his weapon of choice is anything that goes boom!

In this fifth chapter, knowing this is the final chapter in the battle for humanity, our team of heroes face the mutated enemy from without while also facing misguided human enemies from within. It’s a no-win situation as the superior foes move forward and the idiotic or weak-willed human collaborators make troubles from within. Yet this is one more no-win situation that Sgt Beckham and his crew on Team Ghost has to face. Or just another day on the job for them.

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Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman

WB IS Thinking About Releasing Fewer Comic Book Movies, or at least that’s the rumor right now.

So while Batman v Superman is still clawing its way up the box office ladder, people have raised an eyebrow about Snyder’s visual treatment of the film but it is not failing at the box office. In fact, it’s acting just like many other successful comic book movies have.

Well, the jury is still out but the verdict seems to be in, saying WB definitely has no balls as THR is reporting that the execs at WB are pondering the idea of changing up their schedule of comic book movies that they have on their slate.

WB has been struggling a bit with what they hope to be big money winners, but it’s also been pointed out that they’ve been struggling since the “regime installed in 2013 and headed by chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara” or since “Time Warner chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes ousted Alan Horn as president in 2011.”

Horn went on to Disney, where they’re doing fine…  don’t you hate it when personal grudges force business decisions, then the business suffers for it?

So as it stands, Batman V Superman will probably not make the billion that WB was expecting, despite the fact that BvS contained two of the most iconic comic characters in all of time. But these characters are not “the fun ones.” They’re the serious ones. The ones we fantasize about being in our secret lives, where we step in and do damage while kicking the bad guy’s asses.

They do have a few quirky fun characters under the WB umbrella, but as we can see, they f*ed that up when they had the chance with the Green Lantern film.

They also effed up with they let Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman spec script pass through their fingers, and then he went on to make billions for Marvel.

Somewhere, there is a disconnect at WB between the studio, the comic properties and the fans. And even though the rumors say they want to hold out the humor from their films, it’s not a surprise. Batman and Superman are serious characters facing dark threats and global endangerment.

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STARBUCKS Reminds Us About Their Diminished Rewards Program

April 11, 2016

I received an email from Starbucks reminding me about the short end of the stick they’re giving their customers concerning their rewards program. I mean seriously, a while back, I wrote about how Starbucks ( Starbucks must think we are idiots ) announced that we, the customers, asked for a change to the program where […]

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Get The Best Price And Best Gasoline For Your Gas Mileage

March 17, 2016

Check out how I saved between $30 to $60 on gasoline in the last month! And how you can save around $700 a year on fuel. And what I learned along the way about gasoline quality! – I don’t know if you’ve noticed but gas prices are starting to climb again. All because OPEC or […]

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March 7, 2016

The Last Survivors, written by T.W. Piperbrook and Bobby Adair is yet another post-apocalyptic tale told in the time after a great infection takes humanity and converts people to hungry, stinking, rotting human eaters. But it’s been such a long time (300 years) since, that humanity has devolved beyond all technology as we live off […]

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Can We Trust Hillary Clinton In Office And With Our Country’s Secrets?

February 29, 2016

Disclaimer: It’s not that I like or dislike Hillary Clinton. She’s a politician, and I’ll leave it at that. My issue is that I have zero respect for her after the debacle with the classified email server scenario on her home’s personal computer. It seems that they found thousands of emails on her computer, some […]

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STARBUCKS Must Think We Are Idiots

February 23, 2016

Starbucks is changing their rewards program. You know the one, where getting 12 stars can get you a Starbucks freebie. According to Starbucks, they are instigating the #1 member-requested update. Or an exciting new program! (For them). That update is to make us pay a hell of a lot more before we can redeem a […]

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Book Review, AFTER THE CURE, by Deirdre Gould

February 17, 2016

After The Cure is a post-apocalyptic story written by Deirdre Gould. In this particular story I finally found a new twist of sorts in how humanity failed while being told this tale in a seemingly different style than most writers practice. – Imagine if you will a deadly virus that removes your predatory filters, making […]

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Facebook Doesn’t Care What You Want…

February 9, 2016

It’s Official, Facebook Could Give A Shit About What We Want or to be pragmatic, it just seems that we keep getting the short end of the stick while Facebook works at continually transforming their social media platform into a powerhouse of profit for them. – I say it’s official, but seriously, there are a […]

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Super Bowl Activities This Week in SF

February 1, 2016

It is crazy to see the number of events going on in association with the 2016 edition of the Super Bowl here in San Francisco, but here it is…  check out everything that’s going in in the Bay Area, associated with the big game There’s a little bit of something for everyone, everywhere!: SAN FRANCISCO EVENTS […]

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Why Stay With Verizon When T-Mobile Offers Free Streaming?

January 20, 2016

I don’t know where my brain has been but the other night I walked past a T-Mobile cellular store here in Morgan Hill and I saw a sign on the store front that said I could get free Netflix and HBO streaming without it costing me and taking up my bandwidth, unlike my Verizon account, […]

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Facebook Like And Share Farming Helps Spread Malware

January 19, 2016

So there it was, the biggest lottery in human history about to take place, and suddenly there are a few viral posts going around on Facebook where someone posts a picture of lottery tickets, then they say if you like, comment and share the post, they will share the winnings with you. OK, let’s rip […]

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Google Maps Has Found A New Way To Get Your Location Out Of You

January 18, 2016

Over the years Google Maps has pretty much become the default mapping app that most folks use these days. So too, have I become accustomed to the process of using Google Maps. Let’s face it, compared to the other processes, they do have a smoother interaction and usually, superior results. As of a year or […]

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Book Review, EXTINCTION CYCLE Series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

January 18, 2016

The Extinction Cycle series, written by Nicholas Sansbury Smith chronicles the tale of when man tinkers a little too much with the nature of the beast and pays an ugly price for it. That price being a predatory plague set upon the world that threatens all of humanity. – The story starts in book one, […]

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David Bowie Died And We Let It Happen

January 12, 2016

Embed from Getty Images – David Bowie succumbed to cancer at the age of 69 and he died because we let it. We let it because not enough people care enough to donate to the fight against cancer (The ugly C) while it continues to do its thing. What kind of cancer David died from […]

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Huge SPAM Email Source Alert Warning – Background Investigation Sites

January 8, 2016

A few weeks ago I was reading an online article talking about one online background investigation website that seems extremely thorough in the records it can dig up about you. The reporter at the time was surprised/impressed or shocked at how much dirt they dug up on his own test of the site. I got […]

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THE FORCE AWAKENS Far From Most Tickets Sold

January 7, 2016

Disney is doing exactly what it wanted. It took the most beloved film franchise, shoved it in the most theaters ever and the film has gone on to destroy box office records and crawled past Avatar to take the number one spot in domestic movie ticket sales. All that, despite barely selling 90% of the […]

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‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker; A Book Review

January 5, 2016

This is one of the least timely reviews I’ve ever written, but I have been reading some classic books on and off, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula is one of them. After seeing so many movies about a subject, I get curious about the source or original material.  And face it, Dracula has spawned one of […]

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