Ghostbusters 2016 review

Ghostbusters finally came to my pay movie channel where I could watch it and to be honest, it’s a perfect TV movie. Is this a sequel or a reboot? Oh, sorry, “reimagination?” It’s officially been referred to as a reboot but I’m not sure why they would go that route and not maybe ping off the excellent groundwork the first film put out there. But don’t worry, even though it’s a reboot, the original cast and fixtures make cameos that are pretty cute or “ah!” moments in the film.

Ghostbusters is directed by Paul Feig (Spy, Bridesmaids) and stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones as the ghost busting team, along with Chris Hemsworth and cameos by Dan Akroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson & Annie Potts. Plus cameos by Slimer, the Stay Puft Marchmallow Man and even their original firehouse headquarters! Weaver’s appearance is during the closing credits.

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The first 45 minutes is pure story setup as we learn about the characters, the first few ghostly encounters, equipment development and testing, and what not. All stuff to make us care about the people and enjoy their testing. It almost worked, but Wiig, as funny as she can be, was running on empty in this part of the film.

The story is familiar and not. There are some great little cameos by the original cast members at different times as well as a cute nod towards the original film’s headquarters building, but since it costs $15k a month to rent. So, um, no, our squad can’t afford that!

But as the story tries to be original, they still delve into the old story line of first one ghost, then another, then a ghost possession of one of the team members, then the local government body trying to discredit the team, and finally the culmination of a city being overrun by ghosts.

Sound familiar? And maybe it’s obvious how they approach the story. But still…

The new team brings the usual assortment of proton guns, but they also have some additional new toys for the team that aren’t so cumbersome as the backpacks.

McCarthy was not delivering her usual style, but a bit more of a subdued version of her usual style.

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George Clooney and Jack O'Connell in Money Monster, A ReviewMoney Monster is a slightly above average crime thriller with an interesting but mild twist of a story.

The film is directed by Jodie Foster and stars George Clooney as Lee Gates, a slightly extravagant television money analyst who is more about the ratings than some of the content he delivers. Imagine if you will, Howard Stern being a television financial analyst with his showmanship attached to it. Yea, there you go. But this mode of how Gates delivers information gets him in a bit of hot water with one viewer (played by Jack O’Connell) who takes something Gates says to heart, invests his entire savings in a stock, only to lose it all on the venture.

The man shows up during a live telecast and takes Gates and his production crew hostage with a gun and a vest bomb strapped to Gates. After that Gates and his producer, Patty (played by Julia Roberts) works at figuring out how to diffuse the situation and this highly irritated fan.

George Clooney movies.

This is the oddest character that I’ve seen Clooney play. His characters are usually more serious and in control of their realm, but this one, though smart within his realm of finances, exudes less of a dominating mindset and more of a hopeful personality when he’s not on camera in his finance show. He’s more a product of his extravagant production values than the power of his knowledge. Throughout the film, he maintains this flimsy character positioning, where he knows what he’s talking about, but he just does not feel like he believes himself. That alone is pretty impressive as far as roles go.

Roberts plays his no-nonsense producer, which falls right within her skill set as an actor. She is the backbone of the secondary story.

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Restrict Your Facebook Posts

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On occasion, we’ve all wanted to make posts that are a little more private than the usual train. Here’s a way to create filters to that will restrict who cam see your profile.

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