It’s Official, Facebook Could Give A Shit About What We Want or to be pragmatic, it just seems that we keep getting the short end of the stick while Facebook works at continually transforming their social media platform into a powerhouse of profit for them.

I say it’s official, but seriously, there are a few things that to me says that the only time Facebook makes any improvements for the user, it is to benefit themselves.

Sure, we have new “like”-like buttons coming. But it took how long to get them? Because, yea, there’s no way I am going to “Like” that my buddies dog died. No way.

There’s the video volume on Facebook.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned down the volume on the videos on FB, but for some reason, they always start up at full volume.

Yet the way computers work they know when you make mouse clicks and what not.

It would be too easy to just get it right, take note and leave our volume choice where we left it last. MUCH LIKE you know, YouTube!

Here’s the clincher…


So here’s the thing… no matter how much you click on “Most Recent” to fill your news feed, “Top Stories” continues to invade your personal space and right to choice.

Now admittedly, FB is trying to make TS (Top Stories) a better “experience” for users and have started populating our TS feed with stuff from our actual friends. But I still want to see the MR (Most Recent) posts from my friends, because if I don’t swap out my feed settings, I’ll miss some folks posts.

Now remember, FB filters your feed already. Do you recall seeing a fan page ask for you to say something or like a post of theirs? That’s because after FB filters things out “for us,” only about 10% of a page’s followers see their content.

Facebook filters your feed to that which you interact with the most. Whether it be Page or Friend, your feeds are being filtered “for you.” Yes, even your friends.

Nice, huh.

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It is crazy to see the number of events going on in association with the 2016 edition of the Super Bowl here in San Francisco, but here it is…  check out everything that’s going in in the Bay Area, associated with the big game

There’s a little bit of something for everyone, everywhere!:


Super Bowl City
Sat, Jan 30, 11am – 10pm
Concert by Chris Isaak, 7:25pm – 9pm*
Sun, Jan 31, 11am – 9pm
Mon, Feb 1, 11am – 9pm
Tue, Feb 2, 11am – 9pm
Wed, Feb 3, 11am – 9pm
Concert by Matt Nathanson, 7:30pm – 9pm*
Thu, Feb 4, 11am – 9pm
Concert by The Band Perry, 7:30pm – 9pm*
Fri, Feb 5, 11am – 10pm
Concert by OneRepublic, 7:30pm – 9pm*
Sat, Feb 6, 11am – 10pm
Concert by Alicia Keys, 7pm – 8:30pm*
Sun, Feb 7, 11am – 3pm
Uber’s designated pickup + dropoff lane is on Jackson St.between Davis St. and Drumm St.
*High-demand times.

NFL Experience
Sat, Jan 30, 10am – 10pm
Sun, Jan 31, 10am – 8pm
Mon, Feb 1, 3pm – 10pm
Tue, Feb 2, 3pm – 10pm
Wed, Feb 3, 3pm – 10pm
Thu, Feb 4, 3pm – 10pm
Fri, Feb 5, 3pm – 10pm
Sat, Feb 6, 10am – 10pm
Sun, Feb 7, 10am – 2pm
Moscone Center, 747 Howard St.

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Why Stay With Verizon When T-Mobile Offers Free Streaming?

January 20, 2016

I don’t know where my brain has been but the other night I walked past a T-Mobile cellular store here in Morgan Hill and I saw a sign on the store front that said I could get free Netflix and HBO streaming without it costing me and taking up my bandwidth, unlike my Verizon account, […]

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Facebook Like And Share Farming Helps Spread Malware

January 19, 2016

So there it was, the biggest lottery in human history about to take place, and suddenly there are a few viral posts going around on Facebook where someone posts a picture of lottery tickets, then they say if you like, comment and share the post, they will share the winnings with you. OK, let’s rip […]

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Google Maps Has Found A New Way To Get Your Location Out Of You

January 18, 2016

Over the years Google Maps has pretty much become the default mapping app that most folks use these days. So too, have I become accustomed to the process of using Google Maps. Let’s face it, compared to the other processes, they do have a smoother interaction and usually, superior results. As of a year or […]

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Book Review, EXTINCTION CYCLE Series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

January 18, 2016

The Extinction Cycle series, written by Nicholas Sansbury Smith chronicles the tale of when man tinkers a little too much with the nature of the beast and pays an ugly price for it. That price being a predatory plague set upon the world that threatens all of humanity. – The story starts in book one, […]

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David Bowie Died And We Let It Happen

January 12, 2016

Embed from Getty Images – David Bowie succumbed to cancer at the age of 69 and he died because we let it. We let it because not enough people care enough to donate to the fight against cancer (The ugly C) while it continues to do its thing. What kind of cancer David died from […]

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Huge SPAM Email Source Alert Warning – Background Investigation Sites

January 8, 2016

A few weeks ago I was reading an online article talking about one online background investigation website that seems extremely thorough in the records it can dig up about you. The reporter at the time was surprised/impressed or shocked at how much dirt they dug up on his own test of the site. I got […]

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THE FORCE AWAKENS Far From Most Tickets Sold

January 7, 2016

Disney is doing exactly what it wanted. It took the most beloved film franchise, shoved it in the most theaters ever and the film has gone on to destroy box office records and crawled past Avatar to take the number one spot in domestic movie ticket sales. All that, despite barely selling 90% of the […]

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‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker; A Book Review

January 5, 2016

This is one of the least timely reviews I’ve ever written, but I have been reading some classic books on and off, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula is one of them. After seeing so many movies about a subject, I get curious about the source or original material.  And face it, Dracula has spawned one of […]

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Learn To Fly That New Drone

January 4, 2016

So we have our brand new drone. And I’m sure that we all followed the rules and if our new drones weigh more than .55 pounds, we registered it with the FAA, because, we are all now pilots! And I am wondering how many new drone pilots have lost or broken their drones already? I’ve […]

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Joss Whedon Splits From Disney/Marvel

January 4, 2016

I was not sure when it would happen, but it has finally happened: Joss Whedon had reportedly cut ties with Disney/Marvel when he finished his Avengers: Age of Ultron project. – When it was announced that Whedon was tapped to direct The Avengers, the Whedonverse was exhilirated and not totally surprised. He’s been elbow deep […]

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The Cost of Being in Times Square on New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2015

CBS News is reporting that it ain’t cheap to be in Times Square to watch the New Year’s Eve ball drop.  Me, I don’t mind hanging out in the warmth and comfort of my living room, but others believe in being in the right place at the right time to party! For instance, TGI Friday’s […]

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No Upcoming HULK Stand-Alone Movie

December 23, 2015

For me, the quick bottom line to this question is that Hulk, alone, does not pull in (enough) money. It’s like watching a giant three-year-old have a tantrum. But cooler because he can throw very big things at people. And up until Hulk played Raggedy Andy with Loki and sucker punched Thor, not too many […]

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Time To Register Your Recreational Drone

December 23, 2015

So the time is here. Because our fellow “man,” the few that screw everything up for everyone else, has done some seriously stupid-ass things by interfering with official law enforcement or rescue operations or news reporting, the rest of the world has to now abide by some silly ass rules about owning a quad copter. […]

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How My SILHOUETTE Eyeglasses Disappointed Me

December 22, 2015

This is a quickie retelling of my consumer experience that I am going through at this moment: Three years ago I obtained my second set of Silhouette eyeglasses from Avant Optometry in Menlo Park. My co-pay alone cost me a pretty penny because these were pretty pricey at Avant. But they are so light you […]

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Target’s Mobile Coupon App: CARTWHEEL

December 21, 2015

CARTWHEEL, Target’s Mobile Coupon App Have You Discovered Target’s new mobile coupon system that lets you save money as you shop? While we were shopping in Target the other day when a fellow shopper came up to us and asked us we’ve been using the Cartwheel shopping app from Target? Nope. Did not even hear […]

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Tarantino And The Business That Is DISNEY

December 16, 2015

So about that happiest place on Earth… Many years ago I was a neutrally avid Disney fan, like most, though I was not a stout supporter, I was a supporter. But that started changing ever so slowly. Of late I’d like to say it’s a cute and fun distraction and I am the kind of […]

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