‘123 Greetings’ Spam Their Users, Just Like Dish Network Does

by on March 12, 2012

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I don’t know about you, but if, what looks like a reputable organization sends out some wild spam or has their staff spam website comment fields, I’d think twice about the mentality behind the organization.  Wouldn’t you?

See photos and meet senior singles near you“  That’s the headline of the email I’ve received more than once from 123Greetings online greeting card website.

Everything has a price, even when it’s free.  Like when you use Facebook… you don’t realize that any info you put into the profile of your account is nabbed and used to market to you.  Plus any friends you have in your profile are also discovered and marketed to.  Facebook is a rather ingenious process.  Have you ever pondered how something you don’t pay for makes Zuckenberg a billionaire?  Well, so too, does 123Greetings stay afloat, from what I can tell.

I figured there was a price to pay, but I presumed it was just the ads I was pummeled with when I used the site to send cards to friend and family.  But sure enough, I’m getting threatened with seeing images of single seniors in my neighborhood.  DUDES, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THEM!!!  I see them clothed and it’s bad enough then!

But all joking aside, I did not expect spammy senior singles ads from 123Greetings.  LOL.

Yet there’s one company that apparently has its employees do the blatant and sad practice of spam comment section of websites!

Dish Network Employees Comment Spammers

I’m sure you don’t see it, but fellow website owners know of which I’m about to speak…  is when, what I presume to be employees of Dish Network come around and leave spammy comments on various entertainment articles about the web.

At first I couldn’t believe it, but here’s an example of the comments I get from the scud… and it’s happened on more than one website that I interact with!

Hey, great piece about mold growing.  I’ve always been interested in mold growing and you nailed it on the head.  But hey, if you want more news about growing mold, Dish Network offers up On Demand offerings across twenty moldy channels.  You should come by!

Some of the commentary is so off the wall that I am fully expecting to get drugs, meet singles and buy Viagra, all from Dish Network pretty soon.  They Use The Same Tactics!

And it’s not random.  I think Dish Network is teaching their staff how to spam websites.

At first, they were leaving links to their product.  But some sites spam comments with links.  Then it seems that as users were using web addresses in their use names, and getting nabbed that way, they adjusted.  Now it seems, they’ve stopped using links in their comments but are still pointing readers to products by DN via the words they use.

I don’t know about you, but when I see cheap under-handed attempted tricks deployed by a company like this, it tends to make me question the organization in question.  In fact, for me, I know if I ever have the choice, because of this crap, I will never pay for anything from Dish Network.

Legitimate websites have enough issues with spam.  If you’re so damn cheap to not offer websites to pay for advertising, then you are no better than the spammers offering me…  ooh…  I just say an email where I can make thousands in five minutes… I have to go now!

Here are other sites lamenting this same issue:

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Bruce Simmons March 13, 2012 at 9:36 am

Paul, I think if it were affiliates, we’d see more of this behavior across the board on many other products that have affiliates serve their product… no… I think Dish Network is training their peeps to be spammers… by virtue of observation.

Paul forcey March 13, 2012 at 7:38 am

Blog comments do not need to be spammy. In my experience with it if you leave a comment that is useful, sensible and add value to the conversation your comment will get approved.

Dish network pay a lot of money in commissions and doesnt seem to police their affiliates so I imagine a lot of the links are affiliate links.


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