2008’s Quarantine, A Movie Review

by on October 23, 2012

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Jennifer Carpenter in Quarantine movie

I was tooling around my Cable box and came across the 2008 horror movie called Quarantine. I didn’t know anything about the movie so instead of looking it up, I cranked it up and watched.

First, an observation… after watching Quarantine, I hit up the 2007 movie REC… but only to discover that Quarantine and REC are pretty much the same thing… except REC is subtitled in English and Quarantine was made for the American audiences.

With that said, I came into the movie blind and found myself rather entertained by it. So entertained that I pulled up the sequel, Quarantine 2… but I didn’t need to do that… it was just more of the same, but in a different setting. (I’ll expound on that later.)

Quarantine , written & directed by John Erick Dowdle (Devil), is about a TV camera crew who is following a crew of firemen around to see what they do in the day of the life. The reporter is played by Jennifer Carpenter, who you may have probably seen in movies like Gone, Seeking Justice or The Exorcism of Emily Rose. On TV, you might have caught her in a guest appearance on The Good Wife, or most notably, as Debra Morgan in Dexter.

Other cast includes Rade Sherbedgia, Dania Ramirez, Marin Hinkle, Joey King and a bunch of other victim… I mean characters.

Dania Ramirez and Jennifer Carpenter in Quarantine movie

While the film crew was tooling around the fire station, they got a call and headed out. Cops were already on the scene and they were just waiting for the EMT’s to arrive.

They get there and head up to the apartment of the woman who the neighbors were calling about, but something is not right. She is standing in the back of her apartment, looking a little crazy, screaming at the rescue crew. With just a dabble of blood around her neck.

She eventually attacks another person and bites them, and then in turn, that person gets sick and bites someone else. From there on out, it’s just a daisy chain of bites and infections.

The oddest part about this is that when they get there, almost immediately, they find themselves locked in the building. Within minutes of their arrival, the military and CDC show up and lock it down, not allowing anyone to leave.

Later on in the movie, we discover how they got that lucky with such bad timing to get locked in.

To be honest, it wasn’t a bad movie at all. It was an awesome, late night movie. And yes, humans biting humans and those in turn, attacking more humans, sure does sound like zombies. But not once is the word zombie used, suggested or even hinted at. (Unless I zoned out at 2am and missed it) But they do suggest what it might be, but I’ll leave that to you to discover if you watch it.

But regardless, Quarantine was riveting enough to be an enjoyable popcorn fun movie. The situation was tense-filled, the ambiance kept you on your toes and that’s what it is. Just a fun movie for a Halloween season party or just because.

I dove into the sequel and there were a few interesting bits about it, but it this fell right into the realm of sequels… It was OK, but it wasn’t necessary.

Though one quirky bit of interesting was that the sequel took place almost at the same time as the first film… they were watching events of the first movie unfold on a TV news report. I thought that was cool, but they didn’t get too much more inventive beyond that.

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