2010 A Down Year for Hollywood, A Cinema Static Observation & Opinion

by on January 18, 2011

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It’s been said that 2010 was a down year for Hollywood products with fewer people going to the movies. Never mind higher grosses from 3D movies and such, but it seems that even cable TV has lost subscribers. Are folks getting tired of things as they are? Are they tired of having 3D forced on them. (OK, it’s really their choice, but it is a new product that seems to be bleeding out all over the place in different venues.)

I know from my pack of Static buds that some of them have dropped cable in favor of buying TV series on DVD… no commercials and it costs them less over the year compared to the amassing of cable fees they see in their bills.

But even though we would all love to point to our favorite issue as part of the cause, ie: loud commercials, too many commercials, ad riddled web content, costs, 3D prices and such… I think I’m going to go one step further and stick with one thing… LACK OF ORIGINALITY from Hollywood. (Isn’t that funny, that we pay for a service, and then allow the distributor to make even more money off us and let them put ads in that service?)

We’re pummeled with canned comedy and when it’s not comedy it’s a remake or reimagination of something that was successful in the past. Sure, older movies and TV shows were a hit with the older generation, but today’s TV and movie generation are not “they who have aged.” They are younger and have different tastes.

Me, I’d really focus on top-notch quality indie films like Project Arbiter (hit the link and read up about it) and other such projects that thrive on originality and quality content. And move on from there folks. Paranormal Activity and other such break-out hits would seem to be saying that.

With new actors who don’t need as much money, shorter production times and less overall waste, studios & distributors would save bundles. And if places like Fox, Paramount and Hasbro would lighten up with the Cease and Desist orders, (I got my first C&D!***) websites like this one are nothing but free marketing. They need to embrace the free marketing… and I’m guessing, literally the thousands upon thousands of saved funds and embrace the independent websites, much like independent filmmakers can be embraced.

But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

***Want to see what a Cease and Desist order looks like? I got my first C&D, but not by email. Rather, I received it in a rather non-professional matter as a comment left in an article I wrote. I’ve complied with the request, as you might be able to tell with a few pics that I’ve replaced in the article about Transformers 3 Toys! Seriously… a C&D for something that’s coming out in a few weeks/months anyway? Eh, what do I know? (do not answer that last one people! be nice!)

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