2011 San Francisco Marathon Results & A Funny Running Video

by on July 31, 2011

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The 2011 San Francisco Marathon

For those of you that finished the 2011 San Francisco Marathon, kudos to you. You are a rare and small percentage of the world population that has accomplished such a feat. A very very small percentage.

RUNNING - a fun family thing to do

RUNNING - a fun family thing to do

While I was there waiting for my wife, I made it a point to say “Good job runner” to all the participants that were staggering around, alone in their foil-warmer, after crossing the finish line. Many people had folks waiting for them and I felt that it’s the least I could do for those who looked like they were there on their own. I can appreciate what they just did and wanted to let them know.

San Francisco Marathon

Still, there were those that didn’t quite feel like they did as well as they could have. I’m sad they do, because they’ve still achieved something spectacular by finishing. (I’m presuming a crumpled up bib # sheet is a sign of frustration!)

But alas, for San Francisco Marathon results, you can check out Race Central website. We struggled with the base website for the marathon itself and were getting nowhere fast with it.

But also, for each marathon, I post this video. It’s a funny video that many of you will fully grasp the meaning of. It’s titled “The Day after the Marathon.”

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