2011 Summer Concert Series Menlo Park Final Night Was a Hit

by on August 10, 2011

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Menlo Park Concert in the Park final 2011 Concert

On Wednesday, August 10th, the final night of the Menlo Park Summer Series Concert in the Park program was a huge hit. Playing at the front of the park was The Sun Kings, a Beatles Tribute band and as usual, the crowd loved them. The kids loved them. Heck, the dogs loved them.

It was a very upbeat, energetic feel to the area. The park was as packed as I’ve ever seen it this summer. Usually you can at least find some grass to stand or sit on during the concert, but not tonight! Heck, even the streets were packed with parked cars in all directions at least 2 blocks out!

The crowd overflowed over the sidewalk, kids screaming and running everywhere, dogs hanging with their humans. Heck, everyone was having such a good time that even my dog was having a good time. And that’s something since she has about as much energy as a wet rag.

Awesome night. Can’t wait until next summer for the Menlo Park Summer Concert Series!!!

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