2012 Solar Eclipse… An Interesting Image

by on May 20, 2012

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2012 Solar Eclipse image 00

The 2012 Solar Eclipse of May 20th came and went.  What a fun event.  When it first started I joked with a buddy that “Oh my god!  I can see it!  It’s already getting darker!“  But when it got down to it, believe it or not, it was actually a fun neighborhood event!

At the peak of the solar eclipse, neighbors started coming out and tinkering around with their various homemade “pinhole projectors.”  Some had two pieces of small cardboard or their shoebox contraptions.  It was pretty fun, but then I pointed to the ground and showed my neighbors the “poor man’s pinhole projector!”

In fact, we had a huge pinhole projectors all over the place.  One of them made my garage door the magic solar eclipse projector while others made a car a projector!

You see, sunlight coming through tree leaves can, in a weird way, mimic the functions of a pinhole projector.  And the leaves make their own projections… here’s a few images of the solar eclipse of 2012, as seen through tree leaves, here in Menlo Park:



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