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Super Bowl 2014 TV Ads, YouTube

Last year I noticed that many vendors were putting up their Big Game ads on YouTube before the Super Bowl, and then afterwards, there was a channel dedicated to the official ads from the game.  Right now that YouTube Super Bowl Ads channel (UPDATE 2-8-14 oops… looks like the game and ads were so bad, they pulled the channel! ) as 30 “private” videos we can’t see yet, but after the game, they’ll be live!

First, let’s keep in mind that during the 2014 Super Bowl, we’ll be getting movie trailers or clip for Paramount’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

So keep your eyes out for those. But according to sources, no ad time was bought for Guardians of the Galaxy (meh) or Godzilla 2014 movie, despite rumors. (Unless the “no ad time” story is a redirect! HA!)


This year I started cruising YouTube for any ads that were put up on YouTube and I found a few. I found Budweiser, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Chevy and Audi ads. A few made me laugh out loud (LOL for those who don’t read words any more!) and a few that were beyond cute.

We have dogs, horses, super hero (actors) and even a swing at mocking The Matrix, and it’s done well!  So here’s a collective and some mini reviews of each, where applicable.

Now admittedly, I had to filter through the noise of the channels where folks taped things off their TV or their own laptop screen. Boo. And I skipped over various website channels and their collective of banned, funniest or best of Super Bowl ads. I would not know if they were real ads or something they pulled from some other source.

No… instead, I focused on the brand names and their channels. Brand names that have brought the funny to the screen between scrimmages and kept us glued to the TV. Times when we would actually go to the bathroom, are now times where we have to hold it until the game comes back on.

At least, that’s been the tradition. The last few years, the fanfare of the upcoming game and ads has been hugely disappointing. And to be honest, if some of the banned ads were actually banned, well, the game has become a landscape of safe, non-daring adventures, because there are some doozies out there, that suggestively, would make a church-goer blush, and yet, not cross any real lines.

But enough of that, let’s take a peek at what I found, and rather than make you dig, I’ve set it up with what I thought were the funniest or best first, and so forth on down the line.


First up… (after the page break)

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial — “Puppy Love”

Man, I have to say, they sure make the humans out to be crabby people. Last year the man loved his horse, then SOLD him! This year, the woman can’t learn to keep the puppy from jumping property lines, so she GIVES HIM AWAY??? Rude!

But it’s a cute ending!!!


– – –

Volkswagen Game Day Teaser: Making the Perfect TV Ad!!!

I’ll let this one speak for itself.


– – –

Jaguar 2014 Big Game Commercial | British Villains

Come on! The Mandarin, Loki and Sinestro!!! All in one spot? Well, the actors who played them at least, with Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley, and Mark Strong.

Too fun!


– – –

KIA hits it out of the park for them this year, with Morpheus. The man himself, asks, do you want the blue key or the red key.

This one made me laugh pretty good at the beginning.


– – –

When Audi dares to mix dog breeds, funny looking things can happen!

Audi 2014 Big Game Commercial – Doberhuahua


– – –

Volkswagen Scientists Sprout Wings and WHAT???


– – –

A mildly cute Chevy commercial about cows and love…

2014 Chevy Super Bowl Commercial: “Romance”


– – –

Toyoya takes a swing at cute and/or funny. If the muppets are your thing, then you should enjoy this.

Big Game Ad Starring Terry Crews and the Muppets


– – –

I have NO CLUE what H-E-B is, but it has a guy with “three rings!”

H-E-B Super Bowl Commercial 2014


– – –

Of course I haven’t seen the Doritos ad yet…

But here are the finalist videos


M&M’s is keeping mum about the developing story with yellow getting dart gunned and knocked out!

OF course, in memory of one of the all-time best Super Bowl Ads, the Darth Vader/Volkswagen ad, with 59 million plus views and counting:

The Force: Volkswagen Commercial


Oh, by the way, Max Page, (the little Vader man in the ad) had his open heart surgery and is not only doing well, but has been busy, being a junior ambassador for the nonprofit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, addressing congress last year, and all kinds of busy! (Huffington Post: Max Page Raising Money for Sick Kids)

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