“24” Season & Series Finale: A Recap and Review [Updated]

by on May 24, 2010

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24: Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub)

24: Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub)

24” is coming to a close with its season finale, also being the series finale for the show.  It’s been 8 good years of a ride of high intensity espionage and spy butt-kicking.  All the while riddled with insider deceipt to make sure you never know who to suspect.

All I know is that Jack (Keifer Sutherland) has been through a heck of a lot for his country and Chloe Sullivan (Mary Lynn Rajskub) is finally in charge!

The final 2 hours of “24” started with a great introduction by Keifer thanking us for being fans.

I’ve enjoyed this 8th season of “24.”  It’s had a different kind of pace for Jack.  He’s had what feels like to me, a more proactive perspective than usual. And then his girl, Renee Walker (Annie Wersching) was killed.  That, was the final straw.

And now to settle in and watch the final 2 hours of “24,” the show whose cell phones have some of the best reception and batteries I’ve ever seen!

COME BACK AFTER THE SHOW to see what I have to say when all is said and done on the series finale of “24.”

SPOILERS to follow:

24 with Gergory Itzin and Cherry Jones

24 with Gergory Itzin and Cherry Jones

Of note, Gregory Itzin is a wonderful actor.  It’s very easy to hate him and Cherry Jones is a wonderful person of influence… even when put into a bind by Itzin!

Mary Lynn Rajskub in 24 - about to shoot Jack

Mary Lynn Rajskub in 24 - about to shoot Jack

My favorite character was Chloe O’Brien.  Here, Jack is yelling at her to shoot him…  at least then the mobilized CTU team coming up the steps won’t kill him.


Jack is on a mission of his own and the peace treaty starts to unravel as details of the Soviets part of the various murders throughout the day get out.  Chloe has Ortiz back in the field and at the point when Jack choked out Chloe, I knew that Jack was headed down a dark path.

As the play unfolds, Jack tries to get digital evidence to Chloe, but before she can upload it, she’s intercepted and the evidence retrieved by Pillar.  But the data card that Pillar retreived wasn’t the data card we thought it was.  Things unraveled for Logan and Pillar and Logan does what Logan does.  Take the easy way out and kills Pillar and shoots himself.

But deeds set in motion by Logan were moving forward and Jack’s medical transport was ambushed.  Things look bad for Jack and for a fleeting moment, it looks like Jack’s day and life will be ending but the President averts the hit.  She further warns Jack that he has to leave the country because both the U.S. and the Soviets will be hunting him down.

In a tearful moment, Jack is on the phone with Chloe, looks up at the surveillance drone and says thank you for having his back.  Chloe shuts down the drone and Jack bolts.

The clock, that usually counts upward to the next hour, introduces the next commercial, counting down.

24 clock


Tonight’s season and series finale of 24 was the usual level of intensity that came with the entire 8th season of 24.  The excitement levels were fairly high as things unwound.  Like Dana Walsh, Logan’s run (oh my gat, that was not a pun!) also came to an end.  Each person who had a hand in the evilness of this season met their end in an “eye for an eye” method of justice, dealt out by Jack.

The real intensity came when we watched Jack be put on his knees.  Now if they hadn’t have reported months ago that a movie would be coming out, those last 10 minutes of the series finale of 24 would have jacked our blood pressures.  Instead, we find ourselves enjoying our ride, but not getting the full effect of the scene.  But still, it was a great 8 years as far as I’m concerned.  Some seasons or “days” ran a little dry with predictability and others had a few nice twists.

Katee Sackhoff

Killing off agents, bringing some back because the clock didn’t toll was interesting.  Tony Almeida was a great return appearance.  Katee Sackhoff was a wonderful addition to this season as we saw a side of her acting we have not really seen before.  At least this time, when she died, she died and no unexplained mystery ghost was put in her place.

24 - Mary Lynn Rajskub and Katee Sackhoff

So early “spoiler reports” that Jack’s day was going to end poorly was a fascinating marketing tidbit.  But season 8 ended not unlike other seasons.  But the new enemy that Jack Bauer could not defeat was the rising cost of production for 24.  A movie has been announced as being in the script phase, or the 2nd phase of a draft for a 24 movie script for now.

Keifer Sutherland and '24' Executive Producer Howard Gordon

I’d love to see where they take it.  Will it be a continuation or maybe a prequel… though a prequel might be hard to pull off with a younger Jack unless Sutherland stays at the executive production spot and they pull a new actor in.  (Sutherland has credits for “executive producer / co-executive producer / producer (171 episodes, 2002-2010)

We’ll see where it goes.  For now, 8 years have come to a close on an exciting, adventure filled ride with 24 from Fox.  Thanks Keifer and Howard and everyone behind these guys!  Appreciate the work you’ve put into this TV series.

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