3D Movies Boost US Box Office But Home Sales Have Packaging Restrictions

by on September 16, 2010

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AVATAR new releases

This first half of 2010 saw Box Office revenue creep up 2.5% from the same time period last year. This represented $5.35B being spent at the box office in the front half of the year. But before studios can pat themselves on the back for getting this increase, it is definitely not the number of butts in a seat that increased. Take a quick gander at the monetary records that Avatar set. It’s destroying the box office and home sales records left and right, but by an estimated number of tickets sold Avatar sits in the all-time top 20.

Back in April, I questioned the premise on if 3D movies would impact the box office metrics measuring processes. Catch this: Of the $5B that the box office saw, $1.1B of it came from 3D movies, accounting for over 21% of the American box office tally. In other words, charging more for 3D movies is paying off handsomely for the studios at the box office. Yet as people see what movies come out at the theater in 3D, some may think they’ll get their hands on the 3D movie for the home version. You might want to rethink your expectations on that count also!

Home 3D Entertainment Limitations

Despite this huge inflated push by someone thinking we’re going to eat up every angle of 3D there is to get, it looks like there may be some limitations being put on some 3D movies being released for the home. At least as far as buying a television is concerned.

Samsung Rechargeable 3D Glasses

Samsung Rechargeable 3D Glasses

Though there is an established supply chain already in place to provide the home consumer with all their 3D wants and desires, some studios are waiting until there is a better, installed base of 3D home entertainment systems. This could hinder the momentum that the 3D industry is trying to push.

Of the 70 3D movies to his theaters, there are only 25 3D titles getting ready to come out on 3D BD (Blu-ray).


3D TV movie bundles

It would seem that the 3D home products aren’t just going to be released into the public’s buying wild as is. Instead, some of the 3D movies are only going to be released, in conjunction with being bundled with specific hardware. IE, TV manufacturers. They want you to spend several hundred dollars for the $30 3D movie!

This alone, in my mind, is going to stomp the momentum of 3D movie home-sales. In my home, we have come to fully appreciate the Sony TV experience. If the movie I want is bundled with say, a JVC TV, there is no way I’m buying a JVC bundled movie. I already have a JVC TV and it’s starting to fade hard compared to the Sony TV that’s twice its age. So no. (Sony TV’s on Amazon )

Estimations are that by 2014, about 28% of households that own TV’s will have been suckered in… I mean have bought a 3D TV. If you’ve already purchased a 3D TV, don’t panic. There are about 20 3D TV Channels in the pipe for consumers.

Plus, if you’re patient, there’s a good chance that the Movie-with-TV bundles won’t last long. They may last just long enough to catch the anxious movie fan to possibly snag up a package deal if they’re already in the market for one, but that could just be wishful, fortuitous timing. One example pointed to was Sony’s packaged 3D TV with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. That was in June of 2010. 3 months later, you can now snag Cloudy without having to buy a TV.


Is 3D Cool Enough For Home?

I’m worried about 3D TV’s. In the theater, a 3D experience is a huge event, physically. It takes up all of the real estate in front of your eyes. You can look left and right and find enjoyment in the experience. With a 3D TV, I have to openly conjecture that the 3D experience may not be the same, with the visual real estate being so much smaller. Will you have to sit closer? Or are we talking huge screen TV’s only?

Time and the willingness of the consumer will tell if this newest gimmick pays off or takes hold.


I’m holding out for a while until we get a R2-D2 like 3D projection system like when he broadcast the princess’s help message! For now though, I was curious so I’ve put together a set of shopping links if you too are curious what a place like Amazon is offering in the way of 3D for movies and hardware!

On Amazon:

3D searches are interesting on Amazon:

(3D Movies on Amazon: Blu-ray 3D movies. [Read product descriptions carefully to discern which one’s need glasses or not! But I believe the label “Blu-ray 3D” is what requires a 3D TV!])

The TV bundles include sound systems & movies to make the experience perfect and complete! It’s nuts and it’s not cheap!

Samsung 3D TV BundlesSony 3D TV Bundles

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