5-Hour Energy Pitches in To The Fight Against Breast Cancer

by on October 9, 2012

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month pink ribbon symbolFrom October 1st and running through to December 31st 2012, if you’re buying the new PINK LEMONADE flavor of 5-Hour Energy, proceeds from the sales of that flavor will be donated from 5-Hour Energy (Living Essentials, LLC) to the Avon Foundation for Women Breast Cancer Crusade.

Living Essentials will donate 5 cents for every sale of their new Pink Lemonade, and if consumers do not buy enough of the new flavor, don’t worry. Living Essentials, LLC has already committed to a $75,000 minimum donation.

But why stop there! If you can, check out the new flavor and pound away!

They sell 9 million bottles of their product each week. If the new Pink Lemonade flavor accounts for at least 20% of those sales, that comes to $90,000 a week of donations.

A week.

If customers can muster that kind of power over the next 10 weeks, that’s $900,000 contributed to the cause.

I’ve finally tried 5-Hour Energy. I have to admit I spent years being afraid of it, but to be honest, it didn’t jack me up and make me stick to the ceiling in overload. And that’s saying something, considering that I’m a lightweight and things tend to ramp me up (or down) a little more so than most other folks.

So when an energy drink comes along that actually makes me feel awake, but not buzzing like the animated Tasmanian Devil on TV, I can appreciate it that.

That’s my 2 cents… or maybe, 5 cents on the issue.

I’d ask that maybe you give one bottle of Pink Lemonade a try. If if doesn’t disagree with you, maybe a bottle a week? But if not, that’s OK, there are other ways to contribute to the fight against (breast) cancer, if you’re so inclined.

As always, here on Brusimm, I say it only takes $1 to help out in a big way. Or the Yoplait Yogurt contribution method!

Breast cancer hits 1 in 8 women. Cancer hits 1 in 3 people. Something to think about, because if you haven’t been impacted by it, I bet someone close to you has been.



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