666 Park Avenue – Did Not Pull Me In

by on October 1, 2012

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666 Park Avenue series premiere

I had tuned into the series premiere of 666 Park Avenue, hoping for some fun, melodramatic time, but instead, I got something that just didn’t seem to appeal to me.

666 Park Avenue looks like a grand, quality production being telecast on ABC. The cast includes plenty of known faces, from Rachael Taylor (The blond hacker from Transformers, Grey’s Anatomy, Charlie’s Angels), Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives) and Terry O’Quinn (Lost, Hawaii Five-0). Just to name a few.

But the premise didn’t grab me enough, plus I had a few technical issues with my telecast.

I was hoping for more of a mysterious source of curiosity, but when the violinist was trying to get away from the building and got sucked into a tiny square hole in the front door, it felt too obvious to me.

I tried to stick it out because I usually enjoy O’Quinn’s work, but the show just sort of drove me away. It’s not that it’s a bad show, it just seemed too over the top for me in the premise of making a deal with the devil kind of theme.

My other issue was my telecast. I had just changed over from CBS, where the show was pretty crystal clear and here on ABC in my Comcast telecast, I found the show itself to me muffled and hard to hear while the ads were crystal clear to hear. You’d almost call the ads louder, but I can’t say they weren’t louder. They just weren’t muffled like the telecast.

During parts of the show, I was starting to look around the web for the manual to my surround sound stereo to figure out how to flatten out the dynamics to make the voices louder.

Needless to say, between not being totally pulled in by the obvious supernatural premise of promises and the distraction of the telecast of the series premiere of 666 Park Avenue lost me. I might give it another try, but for the moment, it just simply didn’t seem to be my bag of tea. I really wasn’t pulled in. Nothing more (or less) about it. It might pick up and folks love it.

The premiere seemed to have kicked off the season to weaker than expected numbers.

Once Upon A Time s2 premiered to 11M viewers, Revenge s2 had ~9M, and 666 Park Avenue pulled in 7M. Unless they find an island with a hatch in the middle of the hotel, well, I might or might not check it out again.


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