9-11: A Day To Remember The Fallen

by on September 11, 2009

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I know we’re all busy, but Id like to take a moment to remember. Not the date that is today itself, but what came from the date.

On this day, in 2001 cowards struck from behind their bunkers.

And on this day, heroes were born. It’s a shame that one has to die to be recognized for what makes them tick, but it is what it is today.

Regardless of what you believe how it went down, heroes came out of it. The selfless heroes who charged into the carnage to help the terrified victims in the towers not knowing what, or why. Just doing their jobs

A few days after that event, I was on an airliner from Los Angeles to the New England area. Yes, I flew.

The airports were an eerie kind of empty youd only see in a Stephen King movie. The newspaper racks held old news from the 10th of September. News that was no longer so important.

My connecting flight flew over the smoking site. There were very few of us but when someone mumbled something we couldnt hear, we understood. Everyone got up and looked out upon the smoking carnage, a scene of cowardice, heroism and tragedy.

Somberness ruled the moment.

Driving around the NE region, for the first time in my life I saw solidarity in our population. Flags everywhere. One mind, one focus.

No matter where I went and who I spoke with someone, somewhere had known someone involved. I lost several friends that day myself. I wasnt alone.

So Im asking for just a moment -Remember:

The victims, their families, their friends and the nation as a whole.

The next time you start to grumble about airport security, take a moment to ponder why. Is it really that inconvenient?

Just a moment is all I ask. A moment to visit the following link and look over the names of those whose lives ended for no real reason. Just take a moment and silently pass on your thoughts and kind words to the families and friends.

Names to Remember.

Thank you

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