A Bit of Info about Michael Weatherly’s Contract With NCIS

by on June 15, 2010

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Michael Weatherly plays Anthony DiNozzo in NCIS

Despite reported salaray disputes over on the CBS crime drama, NCIS, Michael Weatherly is returning for NCIS’s 7th season as the ever lovable and yet annoying Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, per Deadline Hollywood.

“DiNozzo!!!”  (You know you read that with the sound of Gibbs yelling it out, didn’t you?)

I can’t imagine NCIS going on without its core cast, even if Sean Murray, who plays Probee McGee, is still in negotiations.

What I do worry about is actors pricing themselves out of a show.  If the cast gets too expensive, the show can become a threatened production.  There’s only so much a network can take.  This year at the upfronts, CBS reportedly pulled in over $2 billion from advertisers to keep their hit network running for the 2010 / 2011 season!

For me, NCIS is so much better than NCIS: LA.  The mix of characters on NCIS is just so workable that it’s a pleasure to watch.  For me, NCIS:LA is just another action flick that’s missing the chemistry that keeps the spark alive between action scenes.

Eh, no matter what, I do know one thing.  NCIS has inspired me.  My next dog, I’m going to name DiNozzo.  Come on, think about it.  Aside from the name Damnit, I think DiNozzo is the perfect name for a meddling pet!

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