A Cinema Static Fantasy Face-Off: Autobots vs. Skynet

by on August 28, 2010

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TRANSFORMERS Revenge of the Fallen

I’m watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for the umpteenth time because I have HBO and HBO on Demand allows you to select items over, and over, and over and… Well, you get it.

I love the little homage paid to Cloverfield and Bad Boys in the movie, (Posters in Sam’s short used dorm room.) and to Apollo 13, starring Tom Hanks (Radio snippet used by BumbleBee communicating with Sam)

Some of the fighting scenes in slightly slowed motion coupled with the majestic music filling the room makes for some great moments in the movie.

Though I don’t know exactly how those… “twins” came into being in the Autobot universe. And agent Simmons.. come on, I can’t help that one!

Still, Transformers 2 is a fun movie.

Terminator Salvation

And then again, I’ve also been watching Terminator Salvation. It too is on HBO on Demand. It’s a A dark ugly telling of a future that more than likely, couldn’t happen to us.

Yet when some of the Skynet machines show up, they’re preceded by some incredible reverberating sounds. They shake the house… and I’m sure, my duplex neighbor’s wall. (Surround sound, BIG Bass. Sorry neighbor!)

But how would you get these two franchises in the same movie?

Transformers vs. Terminator

Transformers Stomping Terminators

Here’s a go at it: At the end of the 3rd Transformers movie, the Autobots defeat the Decepticons and decide to leave the planet. Yet a tiny sliver of Decepticon code is left behind. It’s this code that sneaks its way into Cyberdyne and then Skynet… unbeknowst to all cyber-entities. Then it takes over.

Transformers vs Skynets Terminators - Optimus Prime and a harvester

The Autobots learn of the new development and return to Earth, to fight the terminator machines of various models.

It could be a fun little project! That’s for sure. With the Transformers being more colorful, they’d be easier to distinguish. Any how, that’s my fun Cinema Static Fantasy Face-Off for the day!

I think Skynet would be too well hidden in the infrastructure to ever be beaten, but hey, ya never know! Someone from Eureka will come along and… whoa, now there’s an interesting face-off!!

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