A Disney and Pixar Secret Movie Easter Egg

by on December 9, 2014

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A113 in Disney and Pixar

Depending on who or what, many movies have some kind of inside cool thing attached to it. Knowing about it depends on who you know and how much coverage it might get on the web. For instance, production staff names on plaques in some of the Star Trek movies, or the names of an artist’s wife and or kids in all their work.

In this particular instance, the Easter egg made mention of is from Disney’s Pixar (and other animated works) and has to do with the number A113.

According to a ViralNova piece, you can find the number A113 in several of their movies.

  • The license plate of the mom in Toy Story,
  • an incidental package marking on a box in A Bug’s Life,
  • On various vehicle in the Cars franchise movies,
  • In Wall-E, it was the code for Abandon Earth protocol,
  • On a school door in Monster’s University,
  • Or another license plate in Lilo and Stitch, Iron Giant, The Princess and the Frog,

And many, many more obscure and tiny moments or background scenes in many of their products.

It turns out that this persistent number that we keep seeing pop up is actually the room number for Graphic Design and Character Animation classes at the California Institute of Arts, where many Pixar, Disney and animators from other production companies start out their education and road to their careers.

I thought it was a pretty cool nod and thought I would share it.

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