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by on January 15, 2012

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This is a DVD movie review of In Time, starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

IN TIME movie poster

If you like the premise of a futuristic or new take on the tale of Robin Hood (Steal from the the rich, give to the poor) or the gutsy action of Bonnie and Clyde, then I think you will absolutely love In Time. Especially if you love watching the eye candy that is Timberlake or Seyfried.

In Time runs 109 minutes, is rated PG-13 and is written, directed & co-produced by Andrew Niccol, whose resume includes movies such as Lord of War, The Truman Show, and Gattaca.

In Time is about a man named Will Salas (Timberlake) who lives in a world where the rich get richer and the poor get manipulated by a system designed to not be beatable. And Salas doesn’t like it. But in this futuristic world, everyone is genetically engineered to live to the age of 25. Once you hit 25, your body clock starts up with exactly one more year to live before it counts down to zero and then you drop dead… you die. It’s up to that individual what they do to either let their clock tick out, or figure out how to get more time.

In Time - Your Arm Clock showing 1 year, 12 hours and 50 minutes

In this world, it’s possible for the rich to be able to live forever. In fact, the balance of this world is predicated on the very system of the people scrambling through their day-to-day routines doing things to get more time. People beg for time, pay for their goods with time, get jobs that give them time, but barely enough time to survive, as we watch Salas working to provide for his mother, played by Olivia Wilde (House, Tron:Legacy), and himself.

His mother dies by a batch of bad timing… because she didn’t have enough time to get on the bus and get to Will so he could give her enough time to survive the next day. All because prices go up, making things unaffordable, and hence, more people, running out of time, are dropping dead.

After that, Salas meets a man named Hamilton (White Collar‘s Matt Bomer) who is tired of life and gives Will his time… an entire century. Will takes his time and now that he “has the time,” crosses boundaries between time zones and see’s how the other life lives.

And with the goal to take time away from them all.

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried in IN TIME

And it’s here that he meets the beautiful and stupidly rich Sylvia Wies, played by the large eyed beauty, Amanda Seyfried, and where the chase from the timekeepers really starts.

Yet, through bad timing and circumstances, it’s believed that Salas killed Hamilton for his time. Thus we’re introduced to timekeepers (cops) and the man in pursuit of Will, Raymond Leon, played by Cillian Murphy.

Cillian Murphy in IN TIME

Underneath it all, is Will’s angst about how the system is designed to let the rich stay rich and poor kept poor. As the “time cops” show up to snag Will, he ends up grabbing Sylvia as a hostage to escape, who later turns to his side and helps him start to rob her father’s time supplies located within the ghetto that Will used to live in.


Director Andrew Niccol once again brings his original perspective to a unique sci-fi concept and premise and almost carries out an incredibly intriguing concept. Almost.

Throughout the movie, we’re coyly introduced to premises and twists that correlate to the idea that “time is money,” literally.

From the phrase that Hamilton says to Salas, “Many must die for a few to live…” to great catch phrases like

  • “Someone spent years crossing different time zones,”
  • “You must come from time.”
  • “I had time to buy this.”

It was great to see the play on words that, though seemed expected, came at pretty good times

Amanda Seyfried in IN TIME

The front half of the movie is setting up a great story and I’m all eyes and ears, watching In Time, to see where it will go. In other words, I spent my time being fully engaged. But as the story settles into itself, despite the original-feeling of the story, it becomes a rather predictable futuristic twist Robin Hood meets Bonnie & Clyde.

But as Timberlake and Seyfried’s characters get down to it, they end up fulfilling Salas’ need to make things right, or more even between the rich and the needy. In the process, they end up robbing time-banks together and the movie started getting predictable near the end.

With that said, I still enjoyed Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and Cillian Murphy in this movie.

Justin Timberlake in In Time

Justin Timberlake like to gamble his time away!

Timberlake worked the material as best he could, Seyfried, for the hormonal boys, does not disappoint. In fact, if I might not have recognized at first. It’s a bit of a new look for her as a red-head. And Cillian plays the focused, serious and tormented timekeeper wonderfully. Cillian Murphy seems to bring an extra air to his characters and the movies he is in that is rather entertaining. I like the guy!

I don’t say much about Olivia Wilde because she has an all too short period of time in her role.

Yet despite the entertaining characters, though we learn about their motivations, there’s always a small disconnect that keeps us from picking up on their internal drives immediately. The motivation is presented, but its several scenes later that we understand that we were shown their motivations.

This was a consistent equation.

As a comparison of perspectives… I came into this movie expecting nothing and I was entertained, though I started to sigh ‘ho-hum’ near the end. My viewing partner was seemingly expecting more from the movie. She said that this would have been a fantastic Syfy channel movie.

I can’t disagree with that perspective.


In Time DVD Review

IN TIME on DVD and Blu-ray

The In Time DVD Extras are, as usual these days, a bit limited. The extras included Deleted/Extended Scenes and the Theatrical Trailer, along with “sneak peeks” of other Fox products: This Means War, Immortals, Haywire, Machine Gun Preacher, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Terra Nova and There be Dragons.

There were 8 pieces amongst the deleted/extended scene selections.

A few of them were pretty quick, others were lengthier. But playing them all only took a few minutes of my time. I would have liked to have spent more time watching more or longer extras than this.

For the heck of it, I played all the trailers with the DVD. They took a lot longer to play then the deleted or extended scenes did…. I’m sure the Blu-ray packages have more goodies for the consumer.

If you’re a fan of any of the primary cast, I think that will make this movie an enjoyable experience for you. If you… have the time… (couldn’t resist), it’s definitely worth a rental but don’t go and stop your life to make… time… for the movie.

It was a fun movie, I just wish it was finished out better than it did.

In Time on Amazon.com

I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation to Fox Home Entertainment for providing the screener DVD of In Time.

UPDATE 3/18/11: If you are curious, I did a bit of an in-depth bit on how to read the arm clocks in In Time, over on my entertainment break-out site.

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