A DVD Review of Cinematic Titanic: War of the Insects

by on December 24, 2011

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Cinematic Titanic, from the creators of MST3K

In this newest chapter of Cinematic Titanic destruction, they’ve chosen the 1968 movie, War of the Insects to riff on, live. (War of the Insects AKA, Genocide. On IMDb, it got a 4 rating. That IS bad! Wow!) This live performance was shot in front of a live audience at Pepito’s Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, MN. And this is my DVD review, from Cinema Static on Brusimm.com.

As the Cinematic Titanic DVD starts, we see the introduction of the riffing squad to the theater audience: Trace Beaulieu, J. Elvis Weinstein, Mary Jo Pehl, Frank Conniff & Joel Hodgson. (Yes, the old MST3K gang!)

Cinematic Titanic, Live, and the countdown and theme commenced… to Genocide… mental genocide that is!

Cinematic Titanic War of the InsectsThe bugs shall inherit the earth!

Or so says Annabelle, the hottest, the sexiest, and by far the craziest psycho blonde chick to hit Japan since WWII. Deeply embittered about the whole man’s-inhumanity-to-man thing, she enacts a diabolical plot to unleash a swarm of mutant insects on the world that will destroy all living creatures except creepy crawlers.

Ensnared in all this madness is a philandering island-hopping bug collector and his compliant and slightly pregnant wife, a humorless doctor from the mainland, and a United States airman named Charlie, whose way of starting a conversation is to hysterically scream “Genocide!” and then go off his rocker like the dedicated military professional he is.

If you want to watch a story where everybody gets their nuclear holocaust on in the grand tradition of radioactive Japanese monster movies, this is the film for you!

The movie opens to a rising cloud from an atomic bomb explosion and the gang chimes in: {Michele Bachmann’s first day as president.} That got a big laugh from the audience.

A scene that’s showing the bottom of a surf pounded cliff, {As you can see, anywhere you want to jump will do the trick.}

Airplane Crashing in Cinematic Titanic Riff of War of the InsectsThe movie itself is framed by the Cinematic Titanic staff in their seats on stage, flanking the movie screen. No silhouettes in front of the screen for this presentation like the classic MST3K format. The movie itself starts out watching an airplane flying through a swarm of bugs and it crashes. The airplane was carrying an H-bomb and, daring to spoil this hit movie, the bugs of the Earth are attacking the humans of the planet. (Yea, the Syfy channel would eat this one up!) ((No, that’s not a bad pic, that dark smear is the cloud of bugs!))

Line in movie: “What the hell is happening?” {Nothing realistic.}

As the cast is walking through a jungle; {Looking for the plot to the final episode of Lost.}

{Why isnt the american actor being dubbed?}

Man steps in front of a jeep to wave it down, {Watch out! It’s a Toyota!}

They show a gas lamp in a scene {Tom Servo?}

{Oh s**t! They have vampires too?} In response to scene with a man carrying a small white cross.

“No one believes what I said” “Of course not, you’re a woman” OH WAIT, that was an actual line in the movie!! Sometimes the lines were so bad, I thought it was the Riff gang! LOL.

Still 1 from Cinematic Titanic Riff of War of the InsectsThis still from the movie is representative of how you would feel if you tried watching this “instant classic” without the riff masters picking it apart to help pass the insanity!

{Telegram!? Is that like Twitter?}

A sample of other references you’ll see delivered from the originators of Mystery Science Theater 3000 include:

  • Ellie May Clampton;
  • Jury duty;
  • FedEx boxes;
  • Stimulus package;
  • Rectal thermometers;
  • Songs of the 70’s;
  • Ghost Busters;
  • The Leno Show;
  • The Nike workforce;
  • Miami Vice;
  • Proactive;
  • Nine Inch Nails;

Crazy Lady from Cinematic Titanic Riff of War of the Insects


Extras on the DVD include trailers for other features they’ve trashed on, like The Alien Factor*, Danger on Tiki Island, East Meets Watts and quick vid of a few fan interviews from live showings, and a quick explanation of riffing**.

*The preview is nearly 6 minutes long and pretty much shows us the opening credits being riffed.

**A joke is a straight line from comic to fan. A riff is a triangle, from movie, to riffers to audience.

Again, the Cinematic Titanic gang takes another simple mind-numbing Syfy channel-like movie and makes it truly entertaining, because on the Syfy channel, it’s not often you find yourself laughing out loud at the commentary. Oh, wait, Syfy doesn’t have running commentary in the film. That comes from the living room.

If you miss the old MST3K wondering where they went and yearned for that edgy snark, look no further…

If you’re interested in the MST3K gang’s new body of work and riffing, you can find their wares over on Cinematic Titanic website, where everything they mock exists.

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