A Few TV News Bites: Supernatural, Arrow, Revolution, Private Practice

by on November 5, 2012

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tv newsGuess who is coming to Supernatural for a return guest spot? Or what new bad guy is showing up in Arrow? Also, a few reminders about some TV series developments (Revolution & Private Practice) that I think some TV consumers might like to be reminded of. (You know, just in case.)

Supernatural News

Does anyone remember when Felicia Day graced the sets of Supernatural for a few moments last season?

Jared Padalecki and Felicia Day in 'Supernatural'

If you didn’t get enough of her character, Charlie Bradbury, you can start the rejoicing.

Day will be reprising her computer hacker role in an episode called “LARP and the Real Girl,” an ep about some live action role playing games.

From what I can tell, this episode will air in 2013.


Arrow News

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow

Arrow will be getting yet another new DC villain, this time from the pages of Batman, when the character Firefly will face off against our hero, the Green Arrow.

Firefly will be played by Andrew Dunbar.

But like the other bad guys, Firefly will be a bit more realistic or grounded in reality. Which is a nice thing.

“The setup: A firefighter named Garfield Lynns is horribly burned on the job three years ago and never recovered, mentally or physically, and transforms into a villain.”

Is it me, or are they really digging deep and fast and tossing a huge array of DC franchise bad guys into the mix on The CW’s Arrow? I don’t remember Smallville being quite like this… or was it? They took their time (or had huge legal restrictions) and thus, they had material they could tap for a while.

Be that as it may, I find Arrow to not be sucking yet, and thus, keeps this TV consumer engaged. Even if it is via The CW’s new venue of On Demand on Comcast.


You do know that The CW ordered a full season of Arrow, right?


Of course, a reminder, that after November, NBC is putting Revolution on the back burner for THREE MONTHS.

Ouch… sounds like the bugler has started playing the death knoll for the series. Or someone in NBC hierarchy doesn’t like genre, since they keep doing this to genre shows like this. (Did they hire someone from Fox??? [That would be an insiders joke for fans of Joss Whedon])

Private Practice

In a totally non-genre related bit of news, I thought I’d toss out another Reminder… Private Practice is ending it’s run after this 13-episode sixth season comes to a close.

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