A Godzilla Movie Update – Script Rewrites & A Grounded Directing Approach

by on October 9, 2012

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The news for this latest Godzilla movie project has been a bit quiet but I thought I’d chat a bit about this latest attempt at bringing the big green guy back to life!

First up, was the news from October 4th that Legendary has tapped Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3, Sherlock Holmes 3) to manage a rewrite of the Godzilla script.

The movie script will be getting a “four week polish” from Pearce.

The polish meaning that Pearce isn’t rewriting the script. Legendary actually has no real issues with the script. What he’s doing is what seems to be called “aging up the characters.” Legendary wants the players in the movie to “fit the prototype of the actors” they want in the movie.

That sounds like they have actors in mind and are customizing the script around those actors.


Originally, the script was originally written by David Callahan (Doom, The Expendables franchise films), then David Goyer (Man of Steel, Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Blade), and Max Borenstein.

And then there’s the director of this reboot/remake, Gareth Edwards. If you recall, Edwards made his impact on the world of movies with the 2010 movie titled Monsters. That was a great character adventure of a few people surrounded by a situation with large monsters stomping about. And he filmed it on a shoestring budget, using people in the region he was filming in and what not.

[Monsters Movie Review]

(If you think you heard news about a monsters sequel, you heard right. But don’t freak yet. Edwards is an exec producer on the project, but it will have directors Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas. It will expand on the original premise, with more monsters.)

Godzilla and Teriyoshi Nakano

Godzilla and Teriyoshi Nakano

But how will Edwards approach directing this BIG, famous monster? There’s a huge amount of history and hence, expectation with that task.

He said he was a fan of the original movies and that he’s obviously a sci-fi fan. He’s been working extremely hard on the franchise project and it sounds like he’s going to possibly be taking a similar approach that he did with Monsters, and take a grounded, realistic approach to the movie.

And he made a note that he’s not being micro-managed by Legendary.

I know that the latest effort at making a mainstream Godzilla movie didn’t exactly pan out so well with fans. We’ve been missing the quality touch that the big green guy needs to get back in the bigger lime light that all of Hollywood would take notice of.

It seems with Gareth Edwards at the helm, it won’t be done with too much over the top glitz, but rather, with a well grounded approach, giving it a feel that I think movie fans that aren’t genre fans, a better feel for Godzilla and the story he’ll be presenting.

What I can’t wait for, is the casting process and who they will land for roles.

Godzilla is due out May of 2014! So it’s early still.

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