A List of Upcoming Superhero Movies

by on June 2, 2015

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So some say that we may be getting too many superhero genre movies. But what those some don’t take into account is how horrible they used to be, and how MARVEL has set the bar by investing time and money and getting a return out of their movies that bring the characters from the pages of comic books to life. And doing so in such a way that it is great to see. Even the DC/WB movies of late.

But from 1995 to 2015, there have been 2,109 comedies released, while we only have 72 superhero movies out there.

For me, it is nice to see well done comic action movies done than more cops, aliens, disasters and comedies. So there’s that.

Heck, the British Film Industry (BFI) noted that 698 movies were released in 2013 and that there are just too many movies released each year, period. And that makes sense. And rather than going down, that number is going up. Their contention is with fewer movies, that gives the better movies more time in theaters than getting pushed out. Additionally, if one were to make fewer movies, the focus on quality would go up.

OK, but I digress. Check out what superhero movies are coming up when, up through 2019…


July: Ant-Man
Aug: Fantastic Four


Feb: Deadpool
March: Batman v. Superman
May: Captain America: Civil War
X-Men Apocalypse
July: Doctor Strange
Aug: Suicide Squad
Oct: Gambit


March: Wolverine (???)
May: Guardians of the Galaxy 2
June: Wonder Woman
July: Spider-Man
Fantastic Four 2 (???)
Nov: Thor
Justice League

(???): rumored or speculated.


March: The Flash (NOT with the TV’s actor)
May: Avengers Infinity War Pt 1
July: Black Panther
Nov: Captain Marvel


April: Shazam
May: Avengers Infinity War Pt 2
June: Justice League 2
July: The Inhumans

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