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by on December 30, 2013

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Grimm on NBC, a review

If you haven’t caught NBC’s Grimm, and you like the kind of show where evil monsters are smite and innocent humanity is saved, then this is the show you have been looking for.  If you’ve been watching, but on a time-shifted basis, there will be some season three slight spoilers.

Grimm is like the modern day Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, but Grimm still retains its own identity without getting lost under the genre that Buffy (and Joss Whedon) set.  The show is brought to NBC by creators Stephen Carpenter, David Greenwalt (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Eureka), & Jim Kouf (Angel, Ghost Whisperer) and is inspired by the classic Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales.

Grimm - Derek Mears

For one thing, they have their own set of monsters outside the normal set of vampires, werewolves and the like.  Plus they had a pretty cool evil Santa Claus monster in their latest December episode titled “Twelve Days of Krampus.”  I actually liked the guy, he kept kidnapping kids who did evil things.  And between the monster(s) of the week, there’s a few good character stories running in the background that keep you focused on the characters and their progression within the franchise.  Yes, one would find they actually care about the characters.

This third season of Grimm is in the middle of their mid-season finale break episode, and I have to say that so far, the show runners have turned the story around, added a stronger support structure for Nick and keeps it fresh.

Grimm - Red Eyed David Giuntoli

This season so far, we’ve dealt with Nick (David Giuntoli) recovering from his little kidnapping and possessed stint from the beginning of the season.  And the writers are keeping some side affects from this kidnapping stint off in the background, with little nudges here and there that something else is coming our way.

Grimm - Russell Hornsby

His partner, Hank (Russell Hornsby [Lincoln Heights, In Treatment]), having been introduced to the world of Wesen (pronounced vessen), seems to have acclimated and embraced this new reality nicely.  It’s good to see Nick have someone on the force, on his side.  No matter what.

Nick’s fiancee, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) has also nicely embraced Nick’s reality, after a rough patch with a spell and her memory.  Remember way back in the first episode or two of Grimm, when Nick was warned that loved ones will get harmed if he stays with them?  So far, that concern doesn’t seem to be coming to fruition.  That’s good, because I’ve been liking her part on the team.

grimm - Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner

And ya gotta love the soft-hearted, love-smitten Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell [My Name is Earl, Prison Break])!  Usually the soft-spoken clock-smith, and the occasional butt kicking Wesen, a Wieder Blutbad.

I think the story has been changed up enough to make it, or more to the point, keeping it interesting.

We not only added Juliette to the team, but as the season progresses, we’re learning more about Nick and his skills or talents and physical conditioning.

Grimm - Claire Coffee

But gads, if I must say, Claire Coffee (Franklin & Bash, General Hospital) who plays Adalind Schade, is doing a sublime job at creating a very unlikable character.  Argh, I love hating this witch!  (No, really, she’s a kind of witch.)  Other cast members include Sasha Roiz (Warehouse 13) as Nick’s boss, Reggie Lee (No Ordinary Family, Prison Break) as a co-worker/police officer peer of Nicks, and Bree Turner as Monroe’s love interest.  (BTW:  Claire just go married on Dec 23rd 2013 to Punch Brothers musician Chris Thile.)

Grimm - David Giuntoli

I’m looking forward to where the rest of this third season of Grimm goes.  And it resumes the story, if my scheds are correct, on Friday, January 3rd.

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