A Missing Woman Looks For Herself (Aren’t We All Searching for Ourselves?)

by on August 30, 2012

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When I saw the caption, I knew I just had to share this.  It turns out that on an Icelandic tour, one of the tourists went missing from the group.  A search party ensued, which included about 50 volunteers and a helicopter was even going to get into the fray, looking for this poor, assumed distraught, tourist.

To be honest, it’s pretty cool that the tourists got together on this one.

So the gang got together and starts searching for an “Asian, about 160cm, in dark clothing and speaks English well”  The woman went missing near the town of Eldgja!

The search went on through the weekend, when suddenly, it dawned on one of the search party, that everyone was looking for her!

Turns out that back at Eldgja, she got off the bus and had changed clothes.

Once she figured out she was looking for herself, she let the gang know it was her who changed out of her dark clothing and rejoined the tour in her new ensemble.

This, was truly, a LOL head-smacker for me!


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