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by on July 18, 2014

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It would seem there’s a new Tony Stark on the horizon in the Marvel Comics world, and it will see a twisty new take on the old Tony.

In the early days of Tony’s life, he was quite the party-goer, boozing it up and hitting up the ladies every which way he could. And it seems that starting in November, Tony will be reverting to his old ways.  The ways that he used to carry on with before he was Iron Man.

The basis behind it all is that in the story, Tony has turned Extremis tech into a smartphone app and given it to the world.

And the new story, taking place in San Francisco, will include Daredevil.

The revamping of the Marvel Comic Universe is still in session.  We have a new Captain America coming up, a new Thor coming up, and all kinds of uncertainty in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where actor contracts are starting to come to a close, making people wonder.

And these changes in the comic side of Marvel has me wondering exactly what’s up? It this a standard retool or are they revamping in preparation for changes in the landscape of their movie realm?

Check out the press release below, and a few additional words on this whole set of character changes for those that the movies focus on.


New York, NY – July 17th, 2014 – Marvel is proud to announce the release of Superior Iron Man #1 by series writer Tom Taylor (Injustice: Gods Among Us) and series artist Yildiray Çinar (Supergirl). Beginning in November 2014, Tony Stark will give into his ego and return to his billionaire playboy roots of self-obsession and superficiality.

Senior Editor Mark “Panic” Paniccia says, “What’s fun about Superior Iron Man is we get to see Tony Stark in a different mode. He’s very much like he was before Iron Man’s origin, before Tony became a Super Hero…a narcissistic, selfish profiteer. And Tom Taylor is having a blast with this personality, giving us an Iron Man that is bound to ruffle some fans’ feathers but will secretly—I think—find to be a guilty pleasure.”

“He’s self-obsessed. Cunning. Superficial. Superior,” explains writer Tom Taylor. “He has given Extremis to the people. Extremis can now be downloaded as a mobile app through any smart device in San Francisco and this creates Tony’s idea of a Utopia, which he is very happy to be at the heart of. But not everyone is buying Tony’s Paradise.

Superior Iron Man will also feature recent “City by the Bay” transplant – Daredevil!

“Daredevil may be blind but he can see the cracks in Stark’s Brave New World,” says Taylor. “In a way this is all an allegory for the technology that now rules our lives. The corruption that comes from this technology and the dependence we each have on it.”

For more details on Superior Iron Man, All-New Captain America and Thor, visit the Avengers NOW! hub on Marvel.com for interviews with Rick Remender, Jason Aaron and more.

Superior Iron Man #1 will be available this November in all local comic book retailers and available in the Marvel Digital Comics Store.

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Bnote: I’m not sure why everyone is making a big deal about it, but Captain America will be black and Thor will be a woman. OK, the gender change seems bigger than most character swaps, and I feel it’s just a grab for more of the male demographic.  I also find it interesting that these distinctions seem more important as headlines than anything else, so I thought I would add these superfluous tidbits in here.

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