A Quick WALKING DEAD Recap and Perspective

by on February 24, 2015

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The Walking Dead promo art and review

Holy Crap people… can you believe what is taking place in The Walking Dead as of this last weekend?

The Walking Dead SPOILERS abound if you have not seen the latest episode last night, on 2-22-15.

Last night on AMC’s The Walking Dead, the group has been made aware of the man named Aaron.

Aaron came with open arms, telling them that he and his people have been watching our group of survivors for quite some time and they know they are good people. He offers, with open arms, the sanctuary he lives in. He says they need good people like them to join the cause for survival.

It seems like a fantastic deal has finally come their way, and the group says it is time to finally find a place to settle down and call home, again.

Aaron truly appears to be the real deal. And the group seems accepting of that.


There’s this entire “jump the shark” scenario going on in the episode to help further this paranoid inducing situation along.

The only person in the group who is leery is Rick. And Rightfully so. The last two COMMUNITIES ended up trying to kill them off in various and unacceptable fashions!

And let’s do the math here, shall we?

  • Aaron seems to always be one answer short of coming clean.
  • His pictures of this great community have no people in it.
  • He won’t tell them how many is in his commune.
  • He or his people have been stalking Rick’s group for weeks. WEEKS.

And in the preview for next week, the community wants them to give their weapons up. (Seems sensible, or it may not be. Every time the group has given up their weapons, well, they’ve sorely needed them shortly afterward.)

To be the devil’s advocate, everything Aaron has done, our group would probably also do. So I get it. But so far these great opportunities have happened enough that you would think this new world of zombies has no good opportunities in it.

Not to mention showrunners saying how dark this season will be, well, I sort of can’t let go of that one. Or they’re effing with our heads, which I’ve seen happen before!

But seriously, how can tragedy-ridden survivors flip so fast to be accepting of Aaron and his better than hopeful offers? And WTH happened to the RV while they were driving to Alexandria. They got lost and magically reappeared, despite following Rick in the car?

As far as I am concerned, Rick is the only pragmatic and sane one there is in the group right now. He’s being understandably cautious and I don’t blame him. Everyone is bonkers getting so trusting.

Plus, I think the writing is on the wall, or more specifically, in the promo art for this second half season that I included above.

Otherwise speaking, this is one seriously dark season of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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