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by on December 7, 2014

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Noah Wyle in The Librarians, a TV review

If you like Disney-like fantasy fare, Syfy Saturday night movies, and Warehouse 13, then you will love The Librarians.

The Librarians series premiere starts out with a police action where a tiny team of cops is trying to capture a WMD from some bad guys. And during a tense moment, then Flynn Carsen (Noah Wiley) pops out of a hole in a wall, looking for some ancient magical artifact. All the while completely ignoring the cop with a gun, a ticking bomb, and the bad guys.

In an improbable moment of fanciful fun, Carsen delivers a code that disarms both the bomb and the magical archeological trap.

Later, that same cop, Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) gets a magical invite to interview for a job at a library. At the library, she’s shuttled down an elevator with an unknown total of floors down.

Turns out “the library” sent her the invitation, and though there is only, ever, one librarian at a time, (sound familiar), this new team up of cop and librarian discovers that people are targeting the present librarian and any potential librarian.

Hence, the collect a few souls on this team of librarians in the form of Christian Kane, John Kim and Lindy Booth.

Oh, and the flying sword, Excalibur and Carsen are besties, like best friends. It’s like his version of Thor’s hammer, but it is the mythical sword.

This TV series is supposed to be a spinoff of the movie franchise by the same name, based around a magical library.

The series premiere opened feeling like a bad… well, a Syfy Original movie. But it went from there to feeling like a cross between a Disney flick and a Syfy flick, peppered with some Warehouse 13.

Wyle’s character looks like Doctor Who and acts like Indiana Jones on some kind of puppy-uppers, while we learn that “the library” was the one that sends out the invites to be a librarian.

We also learned that the genie in the mirror (Bob Newhart) and Charlene (Jane Curtin) have some kind of power of control over the library and run it, more or less.

Other cast includes John Larroquette, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and one-up appearances by various other character actors. Oh, and an almost over-the-top performance sent in by Matt Frewer as one of the bad guys. I think.

The energy of the series is very light-hearted where as it seems to try to make fun of itself, but sometimes, it seems to be trying too hard. Annoyingly hard.

This could be a great show for the family. There’s a bit of violence, but it is so badly choreographed that it may not be too much for some kids. In one case the lead thug gets himself punched and the whole bunch fall down like a pack of bowling pins. There were a ton of other snafus like that that were either distracting, or just right, for a kid’s show maybe. It reminded me of the 1960s Batman series fight scenes! Without the BAM, BOOF and Ka-Pows!

I’m not sure if I’ll be tuning back in and I’d be surprised if many folks do tune in or return.

I wish Kane would get a decent series once again, while I think this could be career suicide for Romijn. The rest are near retired cast! Or did they lose a bet?

But if you’re looking for hokey fun adventures, this could be the show for you!


Rebecca Romijn, Lindy Booth, Christian Kane, John Larroquette and John Kim in The Librarians, a TV review

Over on IMDb, it shows several actors clocking in for nine episodes, (Larroquette, Romijn, Kane, Kim, Booth) while Wyle is shown to only be in four, Curtin and Newhart only in two.

Not sure if that is right or there is some writing on the wall about where exactly the show will take viewers. I guess some will see or maybe not, depending on ratings.

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