A Secret To A Successful Casting Call (Don’t Just Read the Title)

by on July 22, 2012

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Brusimm TV NewsOn and off I post casting calls for various TV shows and I hope that on and off, I hope they’re helpful to a few folks.  In those posts I tell you about the show or movie, what the producers are looking for, and how to contact the appropriate parties or apply for the roles.

In each of those posts I usually present two important aspects for each casting call:

A) The link to the actual casting call

B) Instructions to explicitly follow the instructions and to follow the link to the casting call.

I try to make it as obvious as possible what to do and clearly leave the note to not leave info at the post.  Yet every week someone tends to leave in the comments section their cover letter and/or acting desires in wanting to land a role.

But to be honest, I have to say that if you want to impress casting directors, the best advice I can think of right now is to show the ability to follow directions.  If you’re leaving comments in the posts, then you are showing the inability to follow directions.  Or, that you even read the directions before commenting.

I’m saying this to HELP you.  Don’t ping off a title and go straight to the comments.  Read what the article has to say and go from there.  So many visitors pounce straight to the comments without reading the articles that it’s a bit sad or funny.  I’ve had people reply to titles in emails but I can tell that had they read the article, they’d see that is exactly what I already said.

Save yourself some time and do yourself a favor:  Read and follow the directions.  It can’t hurt to see what the directions have to say, or that you’re trying to impress someone off a casting call that’s so old that it isn’t even an item any more.

Just sayin’!

With that said, if you’ve read to this point, I have a surprise for you:  Netflix is Casting for House of Cards.

“The casting directors are auditioning actors in New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore/D.C. for guest starring, recurring, and day player roles. In addition to the acting roles, many extras are being hired throughout the season.”

With that said, if you are looking to try and land any of these casting roles for principal roles or extra roles, you need to click on the following link:  House of Cards Casting Call (Good Luck!)

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