A Short Note to the Oakland, CA Police Dept: Deer Can Be Captured! [Opinion]

by on May 6, 2010

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Dear Oakland Police Department,

I mean this with all the respect in the world, but a loose animal can be captured and not shot down while cornered and scared. Let me pontificate:

In Rock Hill, S.C., a 10-foot tall emu ran loose through the city on May 4th. Many, including police and animal control joined together to chase and capture the giant bird with huge, raking claws. In the end, a 70-year-old man captured the humongous monster. No SWAT, no evacuating entire apartment buildings… just a nice simple capture. You can read the impromptu training manual at Emu runs loose in South Carolina.

But wait, I have one more example.

In San Diego, CA, a call to the police department was about a baby seal crossing a road. While the officer stopped his car and went to investigate, the culprit wild-life actually crawled under the police officers car. Rather than drawing his weapon and evacuating any nearby dwellings, the police officer called in back up. No no no, not more cops. They called in some experts from SeaWorld, whom actually grabbed the little growling beast by the tail, yes, they man handled the denizen of the coastal regions, and captured it! No gun play involved. You can see this other example of capturing wildlife in the city streets here, at Sea Lion Pup Rescued.

So I’m just saying… 6 rounds of ammunition, evacuation of entire apartment buildings are not a requirement for capturing scared animals.

In fact, maybe each police officer involved, then the entire squad should do a 6-month duty rotation up in Alaska or one of the northern states. There, without sidearm, you would get plenty of experience wrangling Elk, Moose, bear and the like. When you return to CA, you will be more the man, and able to actually wrangle whole deer. Hell, I’ve wrangled deer on multiple occasion. It doesn’t take much. Just a good grip, lots of respect for the crown of the head, and some patience while the CA game warden can actually decide to drive the 30 minutes to actually do his job.

I’m just sayin’!

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