A Suggestion For New TV Show & Movie DVD/Blu-ray Distributors

by on September 28, 2012

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The Avengers fr Joss Whedon on Blu-ray and DVDToday, (When I wrote this) I’m sitting here patiently (or maybe not) waiting for my pre-ordered copy of The Avengers to land at my mail box. (It left SAC at 4AM this morning and is “out for delivery” at 8AM). Today is Thursday and the movie came out on store shelves last Tuesday. While I “patiently” wait for my “precious” to arrive at my door, many of my peers and friends have gone out and procured their copies at the stores.

Heck, I had to go get some hardware supplies for work and I found myself walking by giant displays of the movie for sale.

So I bide my time and wait.

But then that got me to wondering why it is that a loyal movie fan who has pre-ordered a movie, has to wait for a few to several days after a product has hit shelves, to receive it?

Now true, the convenience of never setting foot in a store full of rabid Avengers fans (like myself?) might be the more convenient option of life, but the convenience is being lost on me as I ponder the idea that the movie landed in stores in time for the Tuesday release, then why is it, you can’t deliver pre-ordered copies of the movie to loyal fans?

I think it would be a wonderful premise to ship pre-ordered movies so that they too land at the doorsteps of loyal fans the same day the movies come out on store shelves. Don’t you? Otherwise, what’s the point? Why pre-order? (With the exception of folks who breathe and live via Amazon or some other online commercial venue.)

Then there are the special offers to folks hitting up some stores and getting a comic or some such other goodie for buying in the store, while I only get access to a digital, online comic.

Further more, there’s also the digital movie download.

That’s another matter altogether, but apparently you need a disc drive to access your digital content. In the day and age where disc drives are being phased out, now, there’s a chance you have to head out and fork over another $50+ dollars to be able to get to your digital content? That’s some pricey content! I’d suggest movie distributors send out key codes with their product and once that key code is used to download the associated content, smite that code from your database.

But that’s just me, asking out-loud, what’s up wid dat?

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