A Very Very Terse Avatar Review

by on December 18, 2009

in Entertainment, movie reviews

One of my writers just saw Jame Cameron’s Avatar. (The bugger beat me to it… cripes!) This is a preview of what he may be writing:

In the anals of writing, I believe we have capped an entire review into a very Twitter-proofed and concise review.

Review Preview: All I can get out of him was “Wow.” “You don’t need the 3D glasses to enjoy.”

Eh, I suppose no matter how many words different publications use to describe the event, it does boil down to “wow.”

More to come along when we get our schtuff together!

And yea, I can do a review preview. Cripes, earlier this week we were getting previews of the preview for Iron Man 2. If previews are getting epic, heck, the sky is the limit! (He’s probably going to kill me when he see’s I wrote his text up! LOL.)

UPDATE: If you’ve landed on this preview of the review, head to the real AVATAR REVIEW!

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