A Weekend in the Best ER on The Planet: Stanford Hospital Emergency Room

by on August 9, 2011

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The other weekend, many months ago, I was attacked by a KIDNEY STONE.  It started on a Friday night when I had an ache in my back during sleep.  Rearranging my sleep posture “fixed” it for that moment.  But some time later, Saturday night, that ache came back with a vengeance I had never experienced before.  It was so bad, I was literally saying goodbye to my wife.  I literally, was attacked by a kidney stone  and am now a member of this club.

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That’s the club that learned the very painful and hard way that coffee and caffeinated sodas do not constitute one’s tally for fluid consumption in a day.

During the event, it caused secondary symptoms that completely distracted the Urgent Care Center I went to on that Sunday morning at 6:30 a.m..  I pointed to my lower back, told them I feel like I’ve been punched and that after drinking water, it gets real real bad.  After 4 hours in the panic-selected Urgent Care Unit, they decided it might be safe to get a CT scan to make sure it wasn’t my appendix.  (I’m thinking, appendix???  In my back???  It’s either real bad or… well, we’ll leave it at that.)  So “we” sent me to the STANFORD HOSPITAL Emergency Room.

I walked in and the treatment began.  First the metal detectors and bag search.  Then the check-in and finally, because of my need for a CT, off to a different ER section, and wow, what an ER section.

But first and foremost, I must say I did not meet an unhappy person anywhere in that facility.

If you remember the last time you were in an emergency room, do you remember as nurses, staff and whomever that “had” to deal with you would come by and do their thing?  For me, it usually feels just like that… I’m a duty, a chore that had to be done.  No banter, no nothing.  I’ve always felt like a cog in the wheels of the system that needed to be ejected as soon as possible from the process.

At the Stanford Hospital ER, except for the excruciating pain from the kidney stone that made me feel like I was dying, it was a real pleasure to be there.  Every single staff member that I met or encountered were pleasant, and dare I say, happy.

If you ever find yourself in a bit of a pickle and have an option of which emergency room to head to, I don’t think you can go wrong at Standford Hospital ER.  At least not from my one experience there.


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