ABC’s ‘Revenge’ Is A Well Written Get-Even Kind of Story

by on October 11, 2011

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Emily VanCamp in 'Revenge'

ABC’s Revenge, stars Emily VanCamp (Brothers & Sisters, Everwood) as Emily Thorne, a woman whose father was wrongfully jailed, where he later died while incarcerated. Having her father taken away from her by folks who wrongfully used him as their patsy, Emily returns “home” to the Hamptons, to exact revenge and destroy the folks responsible for her father’s incarceration.

It takes place in The Hamptons, so the rich and snooty are the victims who fall, and fall far and hard.

Emily’s approach to her Revenge is a smart methodology. In one episode, she spikes a cheating husband’s drink, where an ambulance has to be called. As this becomes a public affair of sorts, it’s not the husband who was the target, but his mistress, whom Emily wanted thrown out of the little community of rich folk. The man’s wife is the one in charge of the cadre of rich folk.

Her next target was a man who lied on the stand in her father’s trial. She sets him up by dropping hints of a company going big. She drops millions of her own money into the stock, and knowing her victim, he dumped his entire company’s value into the stock, which appropriately, then went belly up almost within minutes of his investment. This destroyed the man and his company.

It’s the sublime art of Revenge, the very same that is extolled within the pages of one of my all-time favorite stories, The Count of Monte Cristo. Throughout each episode, VanCamp shows the subtle thoughts or emotions that could be going through her head… whether they be victory or suffering.

The other cast of Revenge includes Max Martini (The Unit) as a private investigator/security staffer for the Grayson’s. That’s the controlling family in this neck of the woods. Madeleine Stowe plays Mrs. Victoria Grayson, Henry Czerny as Mr. Conrad Grayson, the husband.

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It’s a smart show. But I’m worried for the show too. I’m worried that like some other shows that were too smart, aka, Journeyman, for anyone that caught that show, that folks may not stay interested. I hope that the numbers are good enough to keep the show going.

Revenge (ABC)
9/21/11 Viewers: 10.02 million; A18-49: 3.3/ 9
9/28/11 Viewers: 8.54 million; A18-49: 2.7/ 7
10/05/11 Viewers: 7.69 million; A18-49: 2.5/ 7


What’s my point? Revenge comes from Mike Kelley (Swingtown). If you’re a fan of cold, calculating retribution, or Revenge, I think you’ll like the show. Sure, it never really called to me through the ads. They looked like rich family drama ads, but my wife turned it on and I got hooked. Give it a try for an episode or two. See what you think gang!


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