Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Was A Surprise Rental

by on November 11, 2012

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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter movie review

This is my surprise movie review of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The movie stars Benjamin Walker (Flags of Our Fathers) as Abraham Lincoln with Dominic Cooper as Henry, Anthony Mackie as Will and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Mary Todd (Lincoln). The soon to be venerable actor of Rufus Sewell plays Adam, the boss vampire/bad “guy.” AND Alan Tudyk has a small role too!

Timur Bekmambetov directed & co-produced with Tim Burton. (I never caught that Tim Burton was associated with the movie.) Bekmambetov’s other credits include The Darkest Hour, Apollo 18, 9, & Wanted.

Still of Benjamin Walker in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

When I keyed up Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, I was expecting nothing but a time-killer where I can munch away on my popcorn and (beverage of choice). From the few previews that I saw, I had the idea that this was some secret chapter of Abraham Lincoln’s early life. That was the guess that kept me very “on the bubble” about the movie and I did not pay attention to most of the marketing for the project.

Instead, I was confronted with a movie about a dark and secret part of Abe Lincoln’s entire life, from when he was a small child, through his early youth, into his presidency years and even up to that final day of his life.

Benjamin Walker as the younger Abraham Lincoln

And we (Me and my other test screener) were surprised at how much story there was and that this was not a total action-fest, but rather, an interestingly smart combination of story peppered with action.

In the beginning, it was a bit of action but the second act was more story as things developed to set the tone for the third act of the movie. We were pleasantly surprised.

The story incorporates the “honest” Abe myth, slavery, his presidency, and the civil war, in such a way that even though it was a bit of a stretch, it made the fabric of the movie something we can anchor to.

NO, it wasn’t an awe-inspiring action movie, there were many moments our hero probably should have died but I would not have minded dropping (2D) movie theater funds on this when it was out. With a near $70M estimated budget and having made $112M worldwide, I think it’s a deserved income for this fun flick.

If you like the vampire genre, I think this is well worth a rental fee. I think it’s a shame the marketing focused so much on the (awesome) axe weilding scenes and not more on how they integrated his fight against the dark forces during the entirety of his life.

still of Benjamin Walker and Anthony Mackie in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Side note/ Observation: And I have to say, as they age Benjamin Walker through the years, I swear he could be the perfect stand in for Liam Neeson. It’s freaky how much he looks like him in some shots.

I’d like to see Benjamin Walker again, in a new movie where he leads the story is a main player. He might have potential.

And I finally found a trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter that wasn’t peppered full of ads and other noise!:

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Paul Forcey November 12, 2012 at 5:53 am

I took my step son to see this the night before he got married..

I do not like vampire movies, but I really enjoyed this one. I liked the action, the story was good enough I thought and the ending was interesting.

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