Ad Spending To Increase – Means More Ads in Your TV & Cinema

by on April 11, 2011

in Entertainment

It was reported that the advertising industry will be spending more in 2011 on ads than they did in 2010. The bill is going up almost 3% to a whopping $155 billion.

Broken down, online ad spending is going up 13%, with Cable TV increasing by 10% & Cinema – 6%.

Right now the internet is projected to be the biggest advertising revenue maker right behind TV. And that makes perfect sense actually. And as you can see by the noted increases, it looks like we’re going to get more ads in our faces from cable TV and the movie theater. Just what I love… to head out to the movie theater and have GIANT SIZED versions of the ads I’ve been muting on my TV. I can’t begin to describe the feeling of helplessness I get when I’ve lost that kind of control. … or have I?

As it is, there’s going to be a $1 billion bill in advertising upfront sales in kid demographic shows. But that’s a trick sale because parents are, in theory, sitting with their kids, so some of those ad dollars will be aimed at adults and associated products like cars and such.

If some of you are asking why the increase, it’s because our peers do make it worth the advertisers while.

I’ve never understood that for myself though. I actively do my consumer research and understand more numbers rather than believe in words put into a script and spouted at me by an actor hired for their perceived charisma or recognition factor. I don’t partake in just any product. Hell, I actively tune out most ads, even when an ad is funny and memorable, I’ve trained myself to cut out the product or manufacturer. But later I have the dickens of a time trying to describe a funny ad to folks.

But our peers are the ones that are either too trusting to believe the scripts or trick usage of words and phrases, or get brainwashed by the repeated exposure to an ad. In other words, it works. And I’ve always found advertising fascinating as the process of messing with the consumers mind can be so easy, but there you have it.

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