After ‘Breaking Bad’ Season Four Finale, Where Can It Go From There?

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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in 'Breaking Bad'Breaking Bad, season 5 will premiere on July 15th, 2012.  All fans of the show have been waiting patiently (as if we have any other choice) for the fifth and final season of this hit series, starring Bryan Cranston.

The only disappointing aspect about the final season of Breaking Bad is how AMC is handling it.  True, they’ve said we’re getting sixteen episodes. And at first, that sounded incredible.  But the disappointing issue is is that they’re airing eight this summer, and the final eight will air sometime next year.  Truly not cool because initially, I was expecting a very long season this summer.  Not next season.

And yet, that means we get a wonderful extra set of episodes that is the equivalent of a sixth season, sometime next year!

With that said,

The rest of this article is a recap and conjecture of the first four seasons of Breaking Bad.  If you’re waiting to watch the DVD’s be aware, there be spoilers in this article “bitches!”

Breaking Bad, starring Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul is a masterpiece of writing, cinematography and character interpretation.  It goes beyond what most TV entertainment has done for me and has made most other TV shows seem pretty vanilla.  I’ve been ruined!  Happily.  But what is it that makes Breaking Bad so good?

I think show creator Vince Gilligan hit it on the head for me, and that is the fact that the development of the characters over time is what pulled me in and along for the ride.

Most good or great shows have great characters that are surrounded by great circumstances.  And as they’re thrown new circumstances, the characters have a chance to deal with those situations and during those events, we learn about their past, their personalities and what not as they reflect on related events in their pasts.  We get to see how they became who they are as they deal with developing situations.  These kinds of shows are fun, but after so long, no matter how much you like it, you even find yourself thinking it’s getting just a little long in the tooth.

In Breaking Bad, we watch as characters change their core personalities through out the series.

(Yo!  Spoiler ->)  In season one of Breaking Bad, we watch Walter White (Cranston) go from a man whose only concern is for the welfare of his family after cancer has given him quite the scare, to a calculating murderer.  And all of it, because it’s the right thing to do, for the survival of his family. (<- End, Spoiler.)

If you haven’t watched any of the series, but plan to, this is your FINAL spoiler warning:

During season one we watch Walter go from struggling husband & chemistry teacher to a meth cook with talent all while trying to hide the truth of his lung cancer from those he loves.

In season two, we watched as Walter and Jesse (Paul) find themselves in predicaments that the quality of Walter’s cook gets them into while the lies begin to tear apart the White family. Driven by his need for cash to pay for his cancer treatments, Walt gets set up with a regional distributor named Gus Fring.

Bryan Cranston in 'Breaking Bad'Season three continues the story with Gus protecting Walt from the Mexican Cartel as Jesse starts to cause problems within the Gus’ organization. Jesse’s life is saved when Walt intervenes a shootout where Jesse was outgunned, but unfortunately for Walt, this infuriates Gus who then wants to fire him (read “murder”) and replace him with another chemist. Finally, Jesse is forced into a moral dilemma and must take an innocent man’s life to save his partner.

Season four sees Walt being outwitted at every turn by Gus (who still really wants to “fire” Walt).  Jesse’s slowly being turned against his old partner and Walt continues to be beaten (two meanings!) at every turn. Towards the end of the season, things start to get really desperate and finally events come to a head in an unbelievable fashion.

With that all said, one has to wonder…

What can happen in season five of Breaking Bad?

Note:  In this section, I’ve asked for some input from a fellow fan, John S.  We had this chat pretty soon after the season 4 finale, so it’s been stewing for a bit.

This season will be its last season with a huge sixteen episode run.  But with events from season four looking like they took care of themselves, exactly what can happen now?  Oh, but let me note the ways:

-First up is that plant in Walter’s backyard in that final scene of the season finale.

'Breaking Bad' season 5 preview imageBruce: My first impulse is to believe that Walter set up Jesse by poisoning Brock, making Jesse believe that Gus did it. This gets Jesse off his case, and in a round about way, aligns them together, once again.  Or at least, they part on good terms.

John: Right now, my personal opinion is that it was Walt that poisoned Brock. Walt needed a way to bring Jesse back firmly on his side and he knew that Jesse gets mad when kids get hurt. There’s the motive. And the fact that the “lily of the valley” plant was on Walt’s back porch gives us the means. My only issue here is when and how could Walt have poisoned Brock? We never saw Walt interact with the kid and I don’t know when he could have had the opportunity. Also knowing Walt’s sense of morality, I have trouble believing he’d poison a child.. unless he felt he had no other choice for survival.

There are two other possibilities concerning the poisoning: First, that Gus did it to get Jesse to kill Walt for him (just as Walt explained in “End Times”). Second is that it was just a coincidence and Brock ate some yummy red berries in his backyard or something.

Bruce:  On one point John makes, about Walt’s sense of morality, and kids, I get.  But we’ve seen Walt “do what was necessary” a number of times to get the job done.  And if it’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that Walt gets the job done.


Jonathan Banks, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in 'Breaking Bad'

Bruce:  That plant in Walt’s backyard could have been put there by a new player, sending a message to Walt, saying, “Hey, look what I did.”  I think that because the plant was sitting at an angle in the dirt.  Walter’s been too fastidious to just leave a plant sitting like that.  Or was the pressure of season four’s situations getting to him?

John:  I don’t believe it could be a message… unless someone’s trying to setup Walt… I guess we’ll hear it from Brock’s own mouth what happened. Until then, we can only guess.

Dean Norris in 'Breaking Bad'Bruce:  But then we have Hank, who was hot on Gus’s trail.  Now that Gus and the entire Cartel are out of the way, will that inspire Hank to dig deeper?  What’s happened would imply someone bigger than the Cartel & Gus is coming to town, at least to Hank.  I mean, he did discover all the cover companies that Gus had in place to help run his meth distribution.

John:  I believe this will be the direction they go with season five of Breaking Bad. I think Hank’s going to start putting the pieces together and will finally start to suspect his brother-in-law is “Heisenberg”. All the clues are there for him… the discrediting of Gale at dinner, the questions about the cartel deaths in Mexico, the U-turn collision keeping them from the laundry facility, the ridiculous amount of money that Walt and Skyler have given him, the connection with Jesse Pinkman, I can go on…

Bruce:  Please do… LOL.

Bruce:  I was also wondering if Gus was one more cog in a bigger wheel?  Gus was the regional distributor for the Southwest.  Hank mentioned this a few times over the different seasons.  Will someone else step out of the shadows to take over where Gus left off?

Giancarlo Esposito in 'Breaking Bad'John:  Maybe Jesse and Walt will take the place of Gus. Maybe they’ll be the leaders of drug distribution in the Southwest. I mean, without the Cartel or Gus to stop them, who can?

Bruce:  I’m really not feeling that one, but it is an option that I had put aside because of everything they’ve just been through, why tangle with that beast again?

Bruce:  Will new characters fill the newly vacant positions in both the Cartel and Gus’s operations that will give Walt and Jesse more grief?

I can see Walter and Jesse being put in incredibly impossible situations yet again, as they start to get squeezed by Hank and the new people who’ve stepped up to fill the voids in Gus’s and the Cartel’s organizations.  Nothing ends that easily.

Or what will come up that requires Walter to get back into cooking?  That’s been the trend over the first four seasons.  Get money, have to spend it.  Need more money, have to spend it.

John:  Will Walt’s cancer recur? Will he end up alive and happy with his family or will he end up in prison with Jesse by his side? One thing I can say about this series is that the writers really know how to keep the viewer guessing and whatever predictions we make about the outcome of the series are sure to be dead wrong.

These and other things are what I think fans of season five of Breaking Bad need to ponder.

And here’s the teaser for season five:

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Bruce Simmons June 21, 2012 at 9:03 pm

790: But what do you think, did Walt do the poisoning? Was that his plant in his backyard, or was it… (no pun intended) planted there.

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