Alex O’Loughlin Guest Star Role Wows Viewers

by on October 5, 2009

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Did anyone ever catch the April 29th (2009) Criminal Minds episode titled “Big Wheel”, where Alex O’Loughlin guest starred?

I have never seen an actor transform so differently between television roles like Alex did for this one.  In fact I watched the episode and it wasn’t until the teaser opener was done that I recognized his eyes.  And if I didn’t know at some point he was guest starring, I might have never caught it.  (OK, maybe I would have.)

He changed his looks, his voice and mannerisms to the point of being this character.

O’Loughlin’s skills he used, made me feel truly bad for the murderer.  O’Loughlin pulled this off in a way I never expected and if you are even a partial fan of either the franchise or the actor, TRACK IT DOWN. That’s my recommendation.

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