ALIEN Prequel Details From Ridley Scott

by on September 3, 2010

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Alien Facehugger

A Facehugger from 1979's Alien

During an interview with the Independent (UK Site) Ridley Scott was talking about his career and such. During the conversation he touched on some details about the Alien prequels that he’s working on.

Yes, prequels, plural.

The Alien prequel will be a two parter origins story that takes place 30 years before the events of the first movie. Origins of the alien species. (Finally, an origins story I’m looking forward to!)

Scott says the prequel will be tough and nasty and explore the premise of why they existed, as in were they a form of biological warfare or … what?

The story will also touch on the “Space Jockey” that we saw in the first movie. Remember the body of that huge dead body that Tom Skerritt found? The story will be explaining who the “Space Jockeys” are.

ALIEN Space Jockey

In the original movie, it was conjectured that the jockey could have been part of a military operation and that the ship with all the eggs was a type of carrier, a weapons carrier. (The from the Alien DVD director’s commentary.)

He realizes that after the most excellent sequels, he has a lot to live up to & right now, he’s just waiting for Damon Lindoff (Lost) to finish the script so he (Scott) can start doing his thing.

I’m seriously looking forward to what these two can do with this Alien prequel. No matter how many different movies bring the Alien to the silver screen, I always think, wonder, who that huge pilot was from the first Alien film. It was a huge bit of mind-bait that quietly drove me a bit batty, always wondering. It was a superbly done scene that has done its job all these years. And we will finally see the back story on the huge pilot. Most excellent.

I hope you’re as excited about this development as I am. Now, we sit and wait to see what actors line up for this potentially awesome prequel.

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