“Alleged” Berkeley CA Bicycle Hit-and-Run Driver Arrested, But…

by on April 27, 2012

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Right now I’m mostly recovered from an old lady who pinched me up against a curb with her car while I was on my bicycle.  I got tire scuff marks on my tennis shoe from her right rear tire.  It was like night racing at Bristol baby!!!

I got very lucky and only ended up getting a stress fracture in my leg.  The frustrating part was that I was so trying not to crash hard that by the time I recovered, she had driven on and I never got the license plate of the gold four-door, older molder, Ford Taurus.

It was pretty frustrating.

But now I can live vicariously through a few other bikers.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the video, but check out this deed of apparent stupidity  (Skip to the 2:30 minute mark) and be amazed.

[youtube video link]

I’m rather amazed how far right the car was that hit these guys.  But to be honest, I’ve had three close calls in the last month from some incredibly stupid *ing drivers out there on the road.


Back to the video:

Turns out, there’s enough data in the video that cops were able to track down the registered owner of the car and arrest him.  He was arrested for,

suspicion of possession of heroin, being a felon in possession of ammunition, violation of probation and felony hit-and-run.

But get this… the owner reported the car stolen shortly after this hit and run incident.

Curious indeed.

We’ll see how this all pans out over time…  But it was cool that the guy had a camera mounted on his handlebars.  Good idea actually.  I should go nab me a GoPro camera for my bike.  I would have had three license plates to report to police!


Footnote, Helmets And Your Head!:

Bicycle Helmet Laws

Did you notice that the camera owner’s head smacks the concrete?  Good thing he had a helmet on.  Did you know that

91% of bicyclists killed in 2008 reportedly weren’t wearing helmets.

In another set of stats,

Of the 500,000+ emergency room visits by bicyclists every year,

  • 67,000 are head injuries.
  • 7,000 were serious.
  • 12% of these injuries resulted in brain injuries.

They say that 85% of head injuries are preventable with those ugly little helmets.

But I also understand it’s everyone’s freedom of choice to wear or not wear a helmet.  Me?  I consider myself to have some form of smarts and wear my helmet just in case I “run into” some moron making a moron move on me.  The lady who hit me actually passed me and then turned right into me.

Plus, some years back I already escaped an ugly fate once, where I only broke my arm in 8 places and though I didn’t hit my head, still got a whopping concussion whose effects lasted a few days.  That was enough of a warning from “above” to make sure I always wear a helmet.



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