ALLEGIANCE Axed, DATELINE Blacklist To Replace

by on March 10, 2015

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I hope you were not hooked on NBC’s Allegiance.  That’s because NBC cancelled Allegiance due to poor TV ratings (as far as they are concerned) and cut it off at the knees after five episodes. Despite IMDB user ratings hitting mid-sevens.

There are eight more episodes from this season left but there was no word on when or IF they would air them.

[To be honest, I do not know why they don’t shuttle their excess shows off to Syfy. I mean, they have wrestling on the net so why not stuff some cancelled spy show content into the fray over there?]

With the cancellation of Allegiance, NBC will be moving another poorly received series, The Slap, (and that ridiculous voice-over) in its place… because you know, why not stuff another floundering show in the time slot that already has a poor performance show.

In its place at 8 p.m., NBC is putting a series of Datelines themed around the popular series, The Blacklist, and it is called Dateline: The Blacklist.

All the while, the actual Blacklist will hang tight and stay in the 9 p.m. slot on Thursdays.

Of course, Thursday is almost the new Friday as far as TV ratings go.

NBC moved The Blacklist to Thursdays in the hopes of jacking up the ratings for the night, but alas, the show’s ratings have fallen in conjunction with being on Thursday nights. Though the show does have its following, considering that the seven-day DVR playback is setting impressive numbers for a TV show.

This is how NBC treated their best rated show and that’s not great because now that they’ve dinged the ratings, how will it be treated?

Will they move it back to Mondays where folks learned to love it or what?

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