‘Almighty Thor’ on Syfy Channel, A TV Review from Cinema Static

by on May 8, 2011

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'Almighty Thor' TV movie on the Syfy Channel

This is a seriocomical TV review of Almighty Thor on the Syfy Channel.  Prepare thyself dear reader, I had to take this route!

Almighty Thor on the Syfy channel hit it out of the park folks.  That’s right.  Out of the park.  The pitch was high, the batter swung and it was a foul ball up and over the backstop and into the stands.  I think it took out a few patrons in the process!  Those were the lucky ones.

Almighty Thor, from Asylum Home Entertainment, starred Richard Grieco as Loki, Cody Deal as Thor, Kevin Nash as Odin and Patricia Velasquez as Jarnsaxa.  Christopher Ray had the challenge of directing this project from Asylum.

My first question is me wondering if Richard Grieco lost a bet and had to take this part?

My second question is me wondering if anyone in the cast ever heard of projecting themselves.  Everyone seemed to be standing around in a conversational posture and chatting with or at each other.  If they weren’t in scenes that took place outside, I would have thought they were filming in a library and had to be quiet.

Nobody seemed to project any real character traits, especially our Thor…  who seemed more whiny than powerful.  Did I miss something there?

I also have questions about the editing of the TV movie.  In one of the latter scenes of this latest Syfy channel knock-off, Loki is walking through the streets of the city, carrying that hammer of Thor’s, but then he was carrying a sword and in the third subsequent scene, the hammer is back.  Ouch.  Oops on the editing.

What’s with Thor’s hammer?  It looked like Fred Flinstone made it.  And unlike the Thor we all know and love, it looks like just about anyone could handle the thing and that this Thor uses an Uzi machine gun that comes out of the air.

As Loki started destroying the Earth, it looked like he was throwing a tantrum by beating the ground with the hammer and yelling rag-na-rok over and over and over, destroying things with this word.  Meanwhile, Thor made himself a new, modern steel hammer from the lavas of hell and came back from there to battle Loki one last time.

The battle seemed to be multiple scenes of them running at each other, over and over.  Kind of like a joust.

The special effects were of the budgetary kind, where super close ups were used to help the viewer think they saw an effect, like the scene where Thor is pinned against a wall two stories up… and the camera was about two feet away to only see his head and some of his arms.

Syfy TV Review Score 03All in all, I’m thinking this movie, Almighty Thor, hit a fairly unenergetic Syfy channel TV Review score of a 3 on the Cinema Static review scale.  At least the digital dragons weren’t too bad and the commercials were life savers.

Did I mention I really do not appreciate inexpensive knock-offs that are timed to air in the same weekend that the real movie premieres?  Just sayin’.  It leaves me feeling dirty and used.  It seems to hit a dark spot in my mind and I lose control of any semblance of level-headed-ness.  LOL.

I do have to wonder what kind of promo poster does not have the name of the actor who portrays the main character in the title?  Just sayin’!  Well, just askin’!

Almighty Thor on the Syfy Channel, from Asylum movie poster

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