‘Alpha Males Experiment,’ Review – The Romantic Comedy You Wont See Coming

by on February 20, 2013

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'Alpha Males Experiment' movie review

Alpha Males Experiment is a misleading title, as you would never guess that you’re stepping in to a movie experience for a romantic comedy.  Yet if you are of the like-minded alpha male of this world, you will not be disappointed by this movie either.

Far from it.

Alpha Males Experiment carries a compelling message that many can identify with, where nice guys don’t get it, and butt-heads get whatever they want.  In that vain, the movie takes a look at the world of dating, from the perspective of a “real man,” and how they think it should be approached.

It’s daring to say the least, but as we follow brothers Ethan and Kyle, we get both sides of the coin on this subject.

We have the nice guy, Ethan, played by Ross McCall (Green Street Hooligans; on TV: White Collar, Crash, Band of Brothers) and his brother, Kyle, played by Paul J. Alessi (Born to Race, field producer: The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day ) (Paul also produced …Experiment)

We watch Ethan get dumped by his girl and Kyle swoops in to help Ethan pick himself up and understand the “real man’s” approach to the world of dating.  If you’ve ever appreciated the Tom Leykis’ approach to dating, you’ll love Kyle.  Through it all, Kyle is a brave and daring soul, willing to speak his mind in mixed company, which generates the classic sets of replies from the fairer sex.

But Ethan, still wanting to get back with his ex, starts seeing things about her that validates some of Kyle’s preachings.  And Ethan isn’t the only one whose infected with Kyle’s approach to the fairer sex.  After spouting off in various settings, their close circle of friends start to take note on somethings he’s right about and that has an effect on the interaction amongst this small group of friends.

Omar Gooding, Ross McCall, Paul J. Alessi, Justin Baldoni and Brandon Olive in 'Alpha Males Experiment'

That group also includes Omar Gooding (Deadwood, Miami Trauma), Justin Baldoni (Heroes) and Danielle Nicolet (The Starter Wife).  Actress and co-producer Amie Barsky, plays Patricia, a good friend of Ethan’s.  Patricia has her own surprising journey along the way to Ethan’s enlightenment.

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To be honest, I found Alpha Males Experiment surprisingly compelling.

The film starts and ends with what appears to be the same moment.  It was a but confusing, but the irony of the end will make perfect sense because everything comes together just like it’s supposed to…  I think.

Alpha Males Experiment is written and directed by Alex Ranarivelo, produced by Paul J. Alessi, and co-produced by Amie Barsky, Baptiste DeRivel, and Lamese Williams.

This movie is not for everyone, but for those who enjoy this sort of fare, or know someone who might, this is a fun flick.  It delivers a great message that’s a little bit different than expected and I found it had a rather satisfying ending.

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