Amazon App: Is It Helpful or Insidious?

by on September 18, 2014

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Disclaimer: I love my Amazon. yet pragmatically speaking, sometimes even the best of love is outweighed by illogical behavior and bad results.

With that said, ever since my Motorola Droid updated itself, my Amazon app has been “unexpectedly quitting” roughly 16 times an hour.

What this means yo me is that…

1 Despite actively turning it off, the app turns itself back on. (Thanks Amazon!)
2 Despite turning off app messages, they have turned themselves back on.
3 Despite the application dying, it is turning itself on over and over and over. Take a hint!

Amazon App Bandwidth Usage

I knew something was fishy about my Amazon app when two months ago it was my biggest bandwidth user despite my not using the app for a few months. Hmm. With that issue, I had to restrict the app to only “updating” or “syncing” when I was near a network so it wouldn’t burn through my bandwidth limitations (at the time).

So obviously something about Google’s update to their Motorola phones is not mixing well with Amazon’s sneaky little app. And the app appears to be pretty disappointing in how it continually tries to reactivate itself. (Which is nothing new as I observed this kick-start mode back when I had bandwidth usage issues.)

Motorola Amazon Stopped Message

At this point, having to acknowledge the death message 16 times an hour (I had to hit OK three times to this point of writing this article) and not finding any reasonable method to actually kill the app without it coming back to life like a bad zombie movie, I’m thinking I’ll have to uninstall it.

To be honest, removing an app that is so busy in the background is not necessarily that disconcerting. I’m disappointed that it is my Amazon app that’s behaving so busy in the background though.

As it stands, I was already having issues with it earlier this week when I tried to play a video, and it said I needed my Prime Video Player… which, if I’m not mistaken, is my Amazon app. But updating it and what not, never quite got it to work for me because I kept getting the same error message. I had to resort to YouTube for my entertainment that night.

My premise is this: If you have a troublesome app, there is no reason to keep it on your phone. Drop it. If enough people did the same, maybe the app makers would actually take note of why we’re dumping them and change their ways.

LOL… OK, that fantasy had its five seconds of air-time.

UPDATE 9-22-14 (article originally published 9-18-14):

The following actually worked for removing all the error message I was receiving on my Amazon App.

Over the weekend I did the following to my Amazon app: I uninstalled all updates to the Amazon app. (You’re not allowed to uninstall it via any conventional means on the phone.) Then I disabled it. It was nice to not be hitting the “OK” button to the dozens upon dozens of notices that the app quit.

The following day I reapplied the latest update to the app, and so far, so good. I have not seen any more errors.

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Bruce Simmons September 19, 2014 at 9:58 am

Yep… I pw protect my phone to keep my niece out of it. She’s scary good at changing things up on me! But the deleting apps is a good practice to keep the space around. That and moving the pictures and videos off the phone more often than not. -Bruce

Paul Forcey September 19, 2014 at 9:52 am

I often delete apps when i finish using them just to keep some space on my phone for when my daughter wants to add some new cool game while we are waiting around for something

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