AMC Taking The Heat for ‘The Killing’ Finale

by on July 29, 2011

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'The Killing' - behind the scenes with Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman

It would seem from statements made recently, that fans were in an uproar that they were not shown who Rosie’s killer was. You see, the tagline of The Killing said “Who killed Rosie Larson?” But when the first season finale aired, viewers were left in a lurch and not given that particular answer.

AMC’s man in charge of programming, Joel Stillerman, said,

“For everybody who was frustrated, we hear you,”

And more or less said that they mishandled fan expectations in the series end game for the season.

When I jumped into The Killing, I was actively wondering if this was going to be a 1-season show or if they would either carry over the murder we were following or if there would be a completely different set of victims and detectives for the 2nd season. Much like Law and Order and how personalities cycle through the series.

So I open to anything that happened, though I was hoping to find out who the real murderer was. Yet everytime we thought the real suspect was identified, it was nothing but a brilliant misdirect! Arg. They do a good job at keeping the viewers guessing.

So this new season that’s coming up, we will finally get to find out “who dun it!”

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