AMC TV is considering it’s next ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘Mad Men’!

by on April 18, 2012

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AMC TV LogoHere’s an interesting bit of TV news:

It’s being reported by Deadline that AMC TV is doing what’s called a script “bake-off.”  This bake-off is a pilot script showcase.  This bake-off process is how the network found The Killing and Hell on Wheels.  So it has a pretty fair track record.

And now they are taking a peek at several other possible new shows for the upcoming season.

Now it’s been said they don’t always pick anything from these bake-offs but hey…  who knows… they might be looking at the next Breaking Bad.  And they do need a replacement for that show since Breaking Bad‘s last season is coming up.

AMC already has one new series coming down the pipe, as they are working on developing a new Robert Kirkman series called Thief of Thieves.  But they still need to stock up on more new TV.  (Kirkman, in case you don’t know, is the creator behind The Walking Dead.)

There are six scripts that have outlasted others in this shopping fest by the network:

Low Winter Sun, an adaptation of the New Zealand Gothic murder mystery series, script from Chris Mundy.

Turn, about George Washington’s spy ring.  This script is from Craig Silverstein and Mitchell Akselrad.

Philly Lawyer, about a law student; the story/script is from Richard LaGravenese.

Crystal Pines, about a journalist who signs up for a cloning experiment.  By Jake Paltrow & Robbie Kinberg.

F/V Mean Tide, about a Maine lobster fishing family, from Jason Cahill.

Sacred Games, an epic story of crime and punishment in modern Mumbai based on the novel by Vikram Chandra, adapted by Kerry Williamson.

It’s just me, but I’m not moved by the lobster fishing family.  It feels like a reality TV show… or sounds like one.  But the man behind this script worked on shows like The Sopranos, Surface and Fringe.  This could mean gansta’ lobster wars!

I think there are enough lawyer shows out there… but the writer for this script wrote Water for Elephants, P.S. I Love You and a few other movies.  Unless it’s spectacular, I’m not holding my breath.

That leaves us Gothic murder mystery (whose script writer worked on the Criminal Minds series and Cold Case, so there’s experience in the world of murder writing);

The spy ring script is from the man whose contributed to Nikita, Terra Nova and Bones.  Well, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad, but I’m remembering any strong dynamics from these shows that seem to be required of an AMC TV project.

The cloning script sounds like an interesting premise and the other script, a crime and punishment kind of series could be too complicated… but I’ve heard good things about that books’ author.

I can’t decide.

Maybe it boils down to the adaptation of the Gothic murder novel and the George Washington spy ring.  But that’s me…  the network execs have the task, if they choose any of the projects, to pick at most, two, to move forward on to whatever stage is next from the bake-offs.



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Bruce Simmons April 18, 2012 at 1:23 pm

HAHA… wow… that skated right on by me AND I WROTE IT!!! Nice catch Paul… crap. I should give out prizes for that kind of witty!

Paul forcey April 18, 2012 at 1:20 pm

When you mentioned Breaking Bad and a bake off I had a whole different imagery in my mind..

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