American Idol See’s More Changes Than Just Judges

by on December 7, 2010

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Now that we have new judges, and the show is sans the most popular personality, Fox is looking to make more changes and enhancements to it’s popular American Idol venue… this despite them originally saying that the show can stand on its own without Simon Cowell. I guess they left off the part about ‘after massive changes.’

Right now the plans, in development, are that they’re tinkering with the idea of a behind-the-scenes type of interaction with the fans of American Idol.

They say one of the changes is having the top-12 singers live in a house together in the Hollywood Hills and they’ll be able to tweet with fans during the season. And this time, rather than clamping down on the contestants with their own social media accounts, they may just let them go on with their own accounts.

They’re also pondering a Vegas trip where the singers will be part of another stage show, namely Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles-inspired Love show.

And in the era of we’ll be fine without Simon, they’re also adding music videos from the top-12. Then they’ll be moving the American Idol results show to Thursdays, keeping the Glee-minded mode going on that night.

Of course the spin from Fox is on the latest contestants and they’re saying that the level of talent they have lined up is “amazing.” I wonder in which direction of “amazing” they mean?

I’m not really bashing on the show, but on the statement way back when Simon first said he was leaving and Fox said they can survive without him. I don’t think it can, at least not in the formatted presentation it is in now. But with wholesale changes like they’re doing, this could very well be America Idol.2.

Or just another reality series that is destined for MTV and we can have the Idols move in with one of the other reality TV houses and see just how many fights and hook-ups that show might produce!

source: hollywoodreporter


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