And The UFO Conspiracies Continue For What Ever Reason

by on September 29, 2012

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Ah, this is one of those rare and fun conjecture pieces about the fanciful world of UFO sightings.

A Trip to the MoonThe Huffington Post put out a piece on an organized panel titled “Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed” that was part of a larger event at the Smithsonian-affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum.  There were former Project Blue Book staffers on hand as well as a former investigator from Britain’s Ministry of Defense.

And that’s where the potentially exciting news ends for me, though he does say something that tags my own opinion, and that is, “He believes the observed UFOs were either extraterrestrial or extradimensional in origin.”  Extra-dimensional.  Keep that bit in mind, if we were to extrapolate for a bit of fun.

In the piece from Huffington, they touch on things mentioned by this panel.  The panel tried to inflate the excitement by hinting how scary it is that all the collected data from various agencies is forwarded on and they don’t know how it all adds up.  In the real world, that’s called compartmentalization.  Case in point:  When the B2 was being built, dozens of contractors made parts for the plane not knowing for what or whose other parts theirs was going to integrate with.

J.J. Abrams Enterprise in 'Star Trek'

The panel said that relevant documents were released, but are missing.  I presume they’re just not looking in the right places and call it missing.  Then the former Ministry of Defense investigator said he’s made tapes of the information he knows, made several copies and “they’re secluded away.”  Egads, you have to love the sensationalism.

The panel offered their own “expert” opinion on why or why not, ETs visit Earth.  They did suggest that UFO sightings are real.  (I’ll give them that.  An  unidentified falling bird crap is technically a UFO.)  But the panel admits, they have no evidence or smoking gun (space ship in this case.)  Just conjecture, or insight, yet again.

They sighted findings that didn’t seem to dig up a government cover up (Which meant if there is one, it’s good and it works!).

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UFOIn my younger days, I was a UFO enthusiast but the field is so full of cover up crackpots and what not that it deluded any real effort that could have shed light on the issue.  Back in the 80’s, I caught a piece in a highly respected UFO magazine claiming an object on a pole was a govt. UFO model.  I was just lucky enough to know what the item in the picture really was and that’s when I realized how desperate UFO enthusiasts were to make their points.

What I do know is back in the 90’s, a few crop circles were responsible for a few new mathematical theorems.  That’s impressive.  Or lucky.

If aliens are visiting Earth… why dump those kind of resources to come here?  And if they are, it’s been said that it might not be a good thing.  Look at our own history and what people have done when they’ve landed in a new land.  (The natives get the short end of the stick.)

And so what if aliens do exist?  If they landed on Earth today, you still have to go to work the next day and deal with your daily issues, regardless.  (But it would validate some of that swamp land people sell that is on the moon.)

Rather than aliens from some incredibly stupid distance, I’m thinking it is just us, humans, and we’re mucking with time travel and that’s what we’re seeing in this present era.

If there are “cover ups,” have you ever thought that maybe it’s for our own good?  The CDC doesn’t want you playing with Ebola for a reason.  So maybe a “cover up” is just another of hundreds of government programs you don’t know about.  It’s like science fiction movies that highlighted things that didn’t exist in their time, but do now.  In time, if ever, it will either come out, or this subject will continue to flounder along on the fringe of nothing.

Until “they” land, invade or do horse and pony shows for the world to see, I’m going to have to hold my opinion for now.    Then again, even if they did land, there are those who will cry fake.  So this really seems like an endless debate, no matter what is said.

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