Anthony Zuiker Making Another Justified

by on November 25, 2010

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Anthony Zuiker is striking out into the territory of modern Westerns and is looking to develop a western-based crime drama called Desperado for CBS. He’s looking to blend the modern era with the classic western feel as the show will focus on a group of police officers from San Antoni, Texas.

With Justified starring Timothy Olyphant doing so well, it was only a matter of time before someone else jumped on the bandwagon to test the waters for this specific genre of television. The problem they’re going to have is that Timothy Olyphant pulls off the role of the modern cowboy rather perfectly while looking good doing it. (according to my female test demographic group I’ve “hired.”) But then, I can’t argue with them.

I’m a hard core fan of Justified and it may take a bit for me to even consider embracing this new show, whose name seems rather obvious and location, even more so. But what sways me to consider it is Zuiker’s success with CSI. But that’s it. But then again, that is the huge selling point to advertise for CBS.

The new series called Chase seems to have already tried this route and is failing miserably. Eh? Yep… seriously, take a look at Chase: The star has the accent, the jeans and boots. The 2nd in the team could also pass for a western character. They’re not pumping it up, but it’s there and I bet had Chase not bombed with such a sad outlying premise in the first half of the season, they might have just started pumping that aspect of the show. Fortunately, the idea of a woman jumping headlong into and out of anything that moves without hesitation didn’t catch on and now they’re Chasing any kind of viewership demographic.

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