Anyone Know What Plant or Alien Spawn Pod This Is? [updated with Answer!]

by on September 11, 2010

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Alien Plant Spawn Egg 00, small spiny plant ball.

Today I found this mystery ball of spines in my backyard. My first thought was the movie Gremlins or Critters. LOL. (That purple-ish leaf like thing to the left was inside the alien plant sphere.) [See UPDATE at bottom of article!]

It’s not a huge item, but the spines are incredibly sharp and sting for a few minutes when your wife picks it up (heh heh.) and it was in a weird spot in my yard where I am having a hard time extrapolating how it ended up there.

Alien Plant Spawn Egg 01, small spiny ball plant

Yikes, it has a mouth!

I found another one on the other side of the block in someone’s front yard, under a tall expansive tree and like my backyard, seems to eliminate the idea of a bird dropping them. Plus I don’t see these things in the trees above where they landed on the ground. I’m at a total loss for the moment what these are.

Alien Plant Spawn Egg 03, small spiny ball plant

Alien Plant Spawn Egg 04

All I know is I have to keep a sharp eye on the wife. She was stung pretty bad by the spiny shell when she went to pick it up. I don’t want to be taken by surprise in the middle of the night if she changes into any kind of alien creature! Great!

Alien Plant Spawn Egg 05


If anyone knows what this is, that would be awesome to hear from you! (I have huge sized, hi-res pics if you need a closure look at this beasty ball! Are aliens populating our planet quietly? It’s already empty, so it’s crawled off to somewhere, waiting for the moon to rise! Maybe I’ll add water to it after midnight, run like heck and see what happens? (Some movie fans will get that reference)

UPDATE: @WarksGardener on Twitter answered my inquiry and set me straight that this is NOT an alien pod, but rather that it looked like a Castanea Sativa! (If you’re interested, here’s a bit on Wikipedia on this European chestnut.) But being that it’s not native to America, I looked around more, I saw a reference to the American Chestnut [Wikipedia], and those do indeed look like my alien space pod. Dang… I was hoping for some alien excitement. Now, the only curiosity is trying to figure out where it came from. I’ve been living in this place for 3 years and this is the first time I’ve seen one. They are hard to miss! Every year, something odd, weird or unique shows up at my place. Dang, what’s for next year?

Thanks for taking a look!

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