Are You Buying The Right Pink Ribbon Products

by on March 8, 2012

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Breast Cancer Pink RibbonFood for thought: When you buy merchandise with the pink ribbon logo, are you sure your money is headed to the right breast cancer cause? It may very well be that your money isn’t going to the right cause, if you don’t pay attention.

The pink ribbon is a universal logo these days that many brands or distributors can use.

If your intent is to support a breast cancer cause, you need to pay specific attention to the fine print on the packaging to see where the money is going.

They should say if donations are going to cancer research or free mammograms or awareness.

More to the point, a lot of orgs require what’s on a package.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation insists their partners disclose their donation and they also list who they partner up with, over at

So be aware, a pink product isn’t always what you think it is. Check that label to be sure that your good intent will be channeled down the road with your purchase.


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