Arrow – A Quick TV Review (& Deathstroke Image)

by on October 13, 2012

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Arrow season premiere TV review

One of the CW’s newest series premieres, Arrow, premiered this week and from what I’m seeing, I think they have a hit on their hands. As it is, the TV ratings for Arrow was one of their best premieres in quite a few years.

The cast includes Stephen Amell (Private Practice, Heartland) as Oliver Queen, Colin Salmon (Resident Evil: Retribution) as Walter Steele, Katie Cassidy (Taken, Gossip Girl) as Dinah Laurel Lance, Willa Holland (The O.C.) as Thea Queen (Oliver’s sister) & Susanna Thompson (NCIS, Kings) as Moira Queen (mom).

The executive producers are Greg Berlanti (Brothers & Sisters, Green Lantern, Wrath of the Titans) and Marc Guggenheim (Brothers & Sisters, Flashpoint, No Ordinary Family, Green Lantern).

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow

Arrow starts out with Oliver Queen being rescued from an island that he had been stranded on for 5 years. But in that 5 years, he learned some skills that will come in handy during his quest for vengeance.

Queen returns to a life that was filled with riches and decadence but now, it’s all different to him. His mother remarried, his sister became an addict, his ex girlfriend hates him, (As does her cop father), and there are people out there who want to know if Oliver’s father told him about “the island.” Including one surprise character.

In the meantime, he’s tackling the local thug of the week. Or to be more exact, going through a list of names in a diary his father had. That list being of names of bad guys his dad knew (Apparently dad wasn’t a squeaky clean guy). Oliver wants to take his city back. But as the prodigal son returns, so too must he keep up his old playboy appearances andArrow is wanted by the police, just to make it more difficult for him.

Stephen Amell in Arrow season premiere

Arrow, for DC’s Green Arrow, is a bit darker than the Oliver Queen we knew from Smallville, but that’s fine. The darker tone is just right. This character is pretty close to a Batman-like figure, with money and skills.

The season premiere of Arrow had a pretty decent tone and pace and I found it enjoyable. He’s got skills, and he’s got secrets. Secrets of which I’m sure we’ll learn about slowly but surely.

Deathstroke maskIn the opening scenes, did anyone catch the mask of Deathstroke hanging on that stake in the sand? What was that about? A clue to an upcoming appearance? It could explain the skills that Queen developed while on the island, if he had a training partner. But that’s just conjecture on my part.


But I do know that the DC character Deadshot (Michael Rowe) shows up in the 3rd episode of the season. And next week, Kelly Hu will be playing China White. UPDATE: I just found out that in the 5th episode, we’ll be treated to actor Jeffrey Robinson playing Deathstroke himself.

Arrow is a popcorn fun genre series, if vigilante heroes are your thing. I’d recommend checking it out, if this is your thing.

Deathstroke img fr IGNLarger/original img at IGN


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